DAVID ARCHULETA in Manila 2012 Day 1 (01-13-2012) – Epic Welcome from Team Airport

What a great opportunity for Filipino fans to see more of David before he leaves for his mission.


A few days before David’s arrival, TV5 contacted Archuleta Philippines for an interview with some fans to be featured on their website. It was a last minute thing so not many were available. The interview was at TV5’s office at Global City so only @Nareejo and I made it. The interview was focused on how we became fans, what we liked about David, what we thought about David’s new stint  with TV5 and our message for him.


For weeks, Archuleta Philippines spent hours and hours of planning via YM, text, email, phonecalls to get fans organized to meet David when he arrived at the airport. @Jackryan4DA,@ascphil, @Nareejo,@Kricket_234 and myself were among those painstakingly planning how to get it all together. @Ferjiperj came up with designs and had new banners printed for this special event (we all saw how great those banners were!).

For days, Kricket and I were swamped with twitter and text messages of fans eager to join Team Airport to welcome David and Kari.

The night before his arrival, some of us stayed overnight at my place since I live close to the meeting place – Wendy’s along Boni Edsa. We chose that location not because it’s near my place (LOL) but because it’s in the center for majority of us.

With @ferjiperj @carlacharisse @KarissaCortez and @jackryan4DA (behind the cam)

We slept at around 1:00 AM. We were up by 2:00 AM to get ready (only 1 hour of sleep!). We met the rest of Team Airport at Wendy’s at around 4:15 AM. There was 70+ of us and 5 vans were waiting to get us to the airport. (One funny thing while we were on our way to the airport, a guy from a show in TV5 texted me asking if we were already at the airport and if I could let him know if David has arrived since he and his group are still in transit quite far from the airport.)

The group lined up carrying our welcome banners for David. Within minutes, camera men and reporters of TV5 took pictures and videos of the group. They even interviewed some fans.

Team Airport rocks!

Along with @JackRyan4DA, @Nareejo, @Ferjiperj, @Carlacharisse, @NetteKulet_AP and Arlene (AP’s VIP pass winner), we went inside the VIP lounge to get ready to document David’s arrival. There we met Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Eula Caballero, David’s co-starts in the TV5 mini-series.

With Jasmine and Eula

By 5:30 AM, we got to our designated positions inside the airport. My assignment, to do the livestream. Watch recorded video here  – Airport Arrival livestream

We immediately saw David when he came down the stairs. The mood at the airport suddenly changed. Even people who didn’t know who David was took pictures of him. I talked a bit with David as we walk out of the main building. I told him the fans were waiting outside to welcome him. He was surprised at the number of people there to see him at 6:00 in the morning.

As David stepped out of the building, you could hear the fans chanting “DAVID! DAVID!”. It was so awesome! Then he was met by Jasmine and Eula who both gave him orchid garlands. Then the group went to the VIP lounge. David saw @Nareejo as soon as he entered the VIP lounge. He gave her a sweet hug :) A mini presscon ensued where David candidly answered some questions. Eula and Jasmine also joined him for a few questions and for pictures.

Nice pic from TV5/FollowArchuleta.ph
Naree, is this is yours?
David with Eula and Jasmine
So gwapo cr. Naree

After the media was done with the interviews, the fans took over and had pictures with David.

Me with David. Thanks Naree!

Pocket Press Con

After David left the airport, Carla and I went to Makati – I to take calls for my meetings and Carla to get some work done while she’s deciding whether she goes home or go to Edsa Shangri-la Hotel where some went.

At around 9:30 AM, I received a call from TV5 asking me to go to Edsa Shangri-la Hotel for the pocket presscon and special meet and greet with David. What?! I couldn’t believe what I heard. Without hesitation, I gathered my stuff and took off for the hotel. Carla tagged along even if we were not sure if she could get in.

At around 1:00 PM, we got our cue to go upstairs for the presscon. @Nareejo, @Jackryan4DA, @ascphil, @Carlacharisse and @KarissaCortez joined me. Other fans from Pinoy Archies were also invited.

I did a livestream of the presscon (recorded here  Pocket Presscon) David and Perci answered a lot of great questions – how the project came about, why David took it, what it will be about  including what deets about David’s mission. We got to hear a bit of Nandito Ako from David – it sounded soooooo good.

My favorite part of the day (and probably of his entire stay) is the special meet and greet:

  • He sat beside me
  • He looked directly at me with his beautiful hazel eyes when we were introduced; he shook my hand
  • He looked at me the entire time I was asking my question
  • He giggled about the fact that we were wearing almost similar shirts
  • Towards the end, he asked me if I wanted a picture with him (*DIES*)
David’s round-table interview with fans
Thanks @xter1018
“Do you plan to get in touch with your fans while you’re on the mission?”
ME and DAVID .. Thanks Naree!


I can’t wait for everything that will happen in the next 3 weeks. Bring it on!