DAVID ARCHULETA in Manila 2012 – Day 12 (1-24-2012)

What am I doing in Makati Cinema Square?

3 missed calls and 10 text messages. What’s happening? Haven’t had the chance to read the messages yet when my phone rang again. Okay, so kelangan ko na raw umalis and go to Makati Cinema Square (MCS). I didn’t even had to ask why. Getting a call from @nareejo only meant one thing or one person LOL – David Archuleta.

Within minutes, I was already in MCS. @nareejo and I met at Dunkin Donuts. I knew we were in the right location when I saw the guy from the table next to us – it was Mon Confiado, one of the guys in the twitpic sent by Direk Mac the night before (and apparently the guy playing Josh Bradley’s driver).

After dinner, we went to the 3rd floor where they were busy setting up for the next set. There we saw some familiar faces from the night before.  They let us stand in front with a nice view of where David will come out.

Hallway scene

We got to see 2 scenes:

(1) David talking to Mon, who looks like a chauffeur in his uniform. They were talking and at one point they laughed… unfortunately, we couldn’t hear them even if they were right in front of us.

(2) David…err… Josh  being mobbed by fans. It was funny coz the fans all had big posters of David with Josh Bradley written on them. So weird LOL. And then, as the fans ran toward him, Josh tried to find a way to get away from them. There we saw David’s ninja moves. All of a sudden he was already running towards the next room, right next to the area where we were sitting a few minutes ago (we shouldn’t have moved!). There was one take where David almost ran into me LOL. Yeah, he was quick to run away. It was fun watching David act… the changes in his facial expression, his body language. David definitely could act!

Some of the things we liked about tonight was how nice the TV5 people were to us/fans. When they saw me and @nareejo standing and watching, they brought us monobloc chairs to sit on. When they went on dinner break, someone came out with 2 plates of beef steak. They even fed us!

Bistek from TV5 peeps

We brought Dunkin Donut munckins for David and Jasmine. But then since we wouldn’t be able to stay long to actually give the munchkins to them, we had the TV5 peeps give them instead.

And they got them! At least it was confirmed by Jasmine :)

Jasmine got the munchkins

We were so tired from the night before that we decided not to wait anymore. They told us they were going to shoot 2 more scenes and one of them will be at the basement. But that meant at least an hour of setup. So, yeah, no waiting this time. (Looking back, we should have waited. They did the bunny suit scene at the basement!)

P.S. Before the hallway scene, David was inside the studio where I think they shot the scene shown yesterday with him, Ana and Alwyn trying to pick the winner for the date contest.


Before we went to the set, Jasmine thanked us for the gift we gave her in SM Fairview

Anya's Gift
(In italics were comments added today after watching Ep 7 of Nandito Ako)
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