What a Grand Day!

It was the most anticipated day of David Archuleta’s 3-week stay in the Philippines – the culmination of all the hard work David has put into making his first real acting project and the day fans get to show David how much they love and support him.

My Kind of Perfect

David performed this well-loved song much to the delight of the fans (video taken by @jackryan4DA)


Interview with Eula and Jasmine

Eula and Jasmine joined David onstage for a mini-Q&A.

Another view of the interview that shows David doing the dougie at the end


Nandito Ako Trailer

We did not expect it and neither did David, Jasmine and Eula, but TV5 premiered the Nandito Ako trailer during the Grand Fans Day.  It was a real treat to share the excitement of watching the trailer the first time with David, Jasmine and Eula <3

I love this version from Ustream as it showed David’s reaction while watching the trailer. I also tried to watch David from my seat and I could see him laughing and giggling at times… some during the romantic scenes, some when David is crying.  Gosh, what a mess I was! My tears kept flowing uncontrollably not only because of the story that slowly unfolded before our eyes, I was SO PROUD OF DAVID! Who knew David would be SOOOOO GOOD in acting. He was such a natural, like what Mac Alejandre kept on saying about David on Twitter. None of his acting in his scenes looked forced. DAVID THE ACTOR HAS ARRIVED! And I wasn’t alone in that sentiment. All the fans in the cinema squeed in unison and everywhere I looked, I saw misty eyes :)

Here’s a clearer view taken by @ascphil:

Archuleta Philippines’ Tribute and Pledge

For weeks, Archuleta Philippines has been planning a sendoff tribute for David. We did not know how we are going to present it to David at that time. We just went on planning and preparing for it. We knew somehow we’ll find a way to show our tribute to him.

Our initial plan was to sing a medley of David’s songs plus an adaptation of Nandito Ako to tell him how we will always be here even if he’s gone for two years. A week before Grand Fans Day, TV5 graciously gave us 4 minutes to perform for David. Since we only had limited time, we decided to just sing an adaptation of the whole Nandito Ako song. As we practiced the full song for the first time after the mall tour in MOA, emotions ran high knowing that this will be our only chance to let David know how much we support and love him before he leaves for his mission.

I am so glad Ustream captured our performance and David’s reaction while watching us.

David got teary-eyed which made us even more emotional during the song. We could hardly sing, but it did not matter. David heard our message <3

David watching our presentation (cr @madelasuncion)

Here’s a video from another angle where you see more of Archuleta Philippines performing. At the 5:00 mark, @kricket_rc234 handed over to David the Certificate for the adoption of 21 trees planted  in his name and a CD copy of our tribute video showing how Archuleta Philippines celebrated his 21st birthday last December 28, 2011 – we planted 21 trees, we packed relief goods for typhoon victims and we had a mini birthday celebration for him! (cr. seceew)

Here’s a copy of the tribute video :

The lyrics that were given to David

Nandito Kami

It was such an emotionally fulfilling experience for all of us. Thank you, David!


Talentadong Pinoy Taping

Right after Grand Fans Day in Megamall, we rushed to Skydome in SM North Edsa where David was to tape a performance at Talentadong Pinoy.

David first sang Nandito Ako (to be aired on February 5). He looked so handsome in his suit.

The performance as aired on TV5.

He next sang Wherever You Are (to be aired on February 19).

This was a first time for many of us, to join the audience during the taping of a show. Only for David. Ha ha!


Press Launch

We tried to go to Meralco Fitness Center to hopefully watch the Press Launch live. However, it was a by invitation event so the group decided to watch it via livestream instead.

Along with @nareejo, @jackryan4DA, @kricket_rc234, @KarissaCortez, @carlacharisse, @feeshda and @cmaecy, we went to Persiana for dinner. We watched the Press Launch from @jackryan4DA’s laptop and from our iPhones.

David sang Nandito Ako flawlessly for the press. We also got to see the cast sing Nandito Ako at the start. What a lovely cast!

Thank you again, Mr. Preci Intalan and the TV5 management for believing in David and for engaging the fans throughout the entire process.

Can’t wait to watch Nandito Ako. It will be a big hit. I know it for sure :)

Archuleta Philippines cr. Marion Chong
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5 thoughts on “What a Grand Day!”

  1. This is soooooo lovely! So many details, but totally written from the heart. I’m very glad that all of you have been part of this amazing experience for David and Kari…you have represented not only the Philippines but world-wide fans so well! And Lorms…you have been there front and centre doing alot of hard work. Merci beaucoup from all of us too!


  2. Thank you so much for your recap of your experience during the filming of Nandito Ako. I’ve seen so many of your updates, etc. on Twitter and so appreciate all that you and the other fans there in the Philippines have done to keep Archies everywhere up to date on David. I can’t say thank you enough. :)


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