DAVID ARCHULETA in Manila 2012 Day 38 (02-19-2012) – Send off for David Archuleta and Kari Sellards

I can’t believe it’s been 5 weeks since David and Kari arrived in the Philippines.

Unlike Team Airport when David arrived, there was no coordinated planned effort to do a sendoff for David. Fans mostly from Archuleta Philippines just wanted to bade David and Kari good-bye as they travel back to the United States. As if it was the most natural thing to do, fans arrived one by one at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel as early as 1:00 PM. No one knew the exact time of his flight. Everyone just went with their gut feel.

At around 4:00 PM, news broke that David’s great grandmother passed away. We thought that David might have taken an earlier flight. Just when the group was almost ready to leave, David and Kari arrived and passed by the area where the group was.

The group organized themselves and agreed to sing the chorus of Nandito Kami as a parting message for David when he leaves the hotel. It did not matter if the group had to stand and wait another 2 hours. Kudos to the Security at the hotel for being patient with the fans and for allowing the group to wait around :) They even told us when David was on his way down the elevator.  That cue gave us the chance to get ready :)

As the elevator door opened, the group started singing. David was smiling the entire time, while Kari was unable to control her tears. I wanted to hug her <3 He was so happy and you could see the look of appreciation on his face :) He gave @nareejo a hug as he passed by her – a well-deserved hug for all the hard work she did for David and the fans.

@jackryan4DA, as expected, did the video coverage. She almost fell at one point and it was David who readily gave her a helping hand.

After David left, everyone was on tears. We hugged each other and promised to get together in the next few months.

Archuleta Philippines Sendoff crew

Thank you, David!

Thank you, Kari!

Thank you, TV5, Sir Percy, Rissa, Joan, Sheena, Myk!

Thank you, Close up! Thank you, Sony/Ivory! Thank you Bench and Mr Ben Chan!

Thank you to the crew of Nandito Ako for being so welcoming and caring whenever we visit the set during taping!

Thank you Archuleta Philippines for the undying support for David! Especially to the force behind this amazing group – @Kricket_rc234, @nareejo, @jackryan4DA, @ascphil, @carlacharisse, @cmaecy, @nettekulet, @ferjiperj, @karissacortez, @uriel, @kiwikia and so many more!!!

To cap the night off, @nareejo, @jackryan4DA and I had some cheese and drinks at the hotel lounge while waiting for David to perform on Talentadong Pinoy.

Cheers, ladies!

@lorms @jackryan4DA @nareejo
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6 thoughts on “DAVID ARCHULETA in Manila 2012 Day 38 (02-19-2012) – Send off for David Archuleta and Kari Sellards”

  1. Awesome recap, L.!!!! *sobs*

    Can never thank you all enough for working so hard to share these past weeks with us fans around the world and for showing David all the love and respect he so deserves!!! {{{{{{{{{huge hugs}}}}}}} You guys are AWESOME!!!!!


  2. and thank you all !! for sharing your time, videos, tweets and LOVE for David with us fans in the USA and around the world. I say , it was just ‘meant to be’ for you all to be at the hotel when David and Kari left.. it’s a beautiful thing to see the love exchange between David and his fans. so happy you captured this moment in time for all to see !! it’s like we were all there with you for his amazing time in the Philippines.. so thank you all again !! many hugs and love :))


  3. Fantastic 5 weeks and send off. Thanks for all you’ve done to treat David royally and include us in the celebration.
    Nice to see a picture of you three. Love it!!


  4. Thank you beautiful people of the Philippine Island. My family can’t
    help shed tears while reading tweets. You all are awesome. You all
    are good people. Thanks for loving DA and of course KS. These
    2 have beautiful souls.

    Logan Family


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