Eula Caballero sheds tears as David Archuleta says goodbye – English translation

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Eula Caballero sheds tears as David Archuleta says goodbye


It was a touching goodbye for Eula Caballero and David Archuleta at the set of TV5 mini-series Nandito Ako.

Eula relayed to (Philippine Entertainment Portal), “What I appreciate most was the depth of his character.”

“It started with light conversations. ‘How are you, have you slept well?’

“‘Then we started talking about family… then you find out the kind of person he is.

“I also asked him about his mission.”

Eula was referring to David’s two-year mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The young Kapatid actress continued, “He said, ‘I’m happy to do this for my religion.’ [He said] It makes him whole.”

“He also said, ‘It’s just making me sad because I’m afraid that everyone might move on with their lives without me.’

“And that we should get used to not having him around since two years is a long time.”

“Especially for his sisters, one of his sister is turning sixteen, the other one will join junior high, he said, ‘I wish I could be there with them when that happens.’

“I said, ‘Oh, my God!'”

“I was in tears when he said that coz he, too, got teary-eyed.”

Eula added, “He has such a deep personality, he has so much on his mind… his family.”

“‘He said he has one more month before he goes on his mission and he wanted to spend it in Philippines since he has come to love the country.

“I said, ‘Yeah, of course! We would be happy.'”

“I also told him, ‘TV5 would love that you can do guestings in other shows.’

“‘He said, ‘I’d love to but I just want to spend it with my family in Utah.'”

Eula said she will miss David.

“So much!” she added.

“Then on our first night in Batangas, he again got teary eyed and said, ‘I’m gonna miss this, guys.’”

“‘We’ve been like taping every day, we’re filming every day and we’re together every day, we’ve been together lunch break and dinner break and all that.’

 “‘He said, ‘I’m gonna miss this because I know you guys have other projects to do after this…’ and  he said eventually our attention will be diverted to other things.

 “He continued, ‘But me, I’m just gonna miss this and I hope I can see you guys again.’

 “I said, ‘Oh David, you’ll be very missed by us.”

BTS: The Dream Sequence

January 26 – Naree and I went to meet JR for a trip to the Nandito Ako set. We went with @Amee_and_Sam and her daughter who came all the way from Bicol to see David (LOL, I think she was sent for work).

We couldn’t decide what to buy for the staff and crew, so we bought:

  • Mamon from Pan de Manila for the crew
  • Mango Bravo cake from Contis for David
  • Cupcakes by Sonja for David, Eula, Direk and Kari

JR also brought special siopao for the group. It was the BEST SIOPAO I ever tasted. (And I heard MyDearWriter liked it a lot!)

What the cupcakes looked like (cr google images)
The cake that we ended up eating instead (cr google images)
Not your usual siopao
Found out that in the set the previous day, a lot of fans brought Mango Bravo for David. So we decided to eat the cake instead! LOL Yes, we ate the cake in the car on the way to the set somewhere in a village in Marikina.
When we got to the location, they were shooting a scene of Josh and Holly’s date. They were walking, talking. We heard the part where Josh asked Holly if she sings, then she laughed saying ‘hwag baka umulan’.
Then, in preparation for the next scene, Direk Mac showed David how to eat balut. There are no words to describe the look on David’s face when Direk showed him what’s inside the shell. Thanks Kari for this pic right before Direk actually opened the balut
How to eat balut
While waiting to shoot their next scene, Eula and David sat talking on the set. At one point, David looked our way and smiled recognizing us.
While shooting the next scene, we got to stand behind Direk Mac and watch the scene from the monitors. Gosh, Josh and Holly looked so good together! I was late in going back to where Naree and JR were since I had to wait for someone in the crew who helped get me a cup of water. Dang, David briefly talked to Naree and JR while I was away asking them how they got to the set.
On one side of the location, we noticed that the swing was decorated with flowers. Someone in the set told us that it was for the dream sequence. What?! We  got excited. It would be Holly’s dream, they said.
Preparing for the dream sequence
David and Eula left the set to change. Yes, for the dream sequence.
Unfortunately, we were not able to watch the scene up close since David requested to have everyone leave the scene except the cast and crew. LOL David didn’t want us to see them shoot the next scene. Someone in the crew told us that David did not want to do the scene originally. So some negotiations were done – they will let David have the scene he requested (my guess – inviting the fans to the concert scene) if he did the dream sequence. We all know David got what he wanted :)
We had to move far back. But we still had a good view of the set :)
Discussing the dream sequence
They shot the scene several times from different angles. And everytime the scene is cut, David would burst into laughter.  Ha ha! It was as if he was caught doing something naughty LOL
 After the dream sequence, we decided to call it a night. We briefly talked to Eula and had some pictures taken. I’m still waiting for Naree to share me a copy of our picture with Eula :)
And here’s Eula having late dinner from that night :)
Late dinner for Eula