Mega Promo Weekend for Nandito Ako

It is the first weekend since David left the Philippines. It has also been a week since Nandito Ako aired. What abetter way to spend the weekend than to go out and promote David’s show!

A week ago, I dropped by TV5’s office to pick up hundreds of posters and flyers for Archuleta Philippines to use to help promote the show.  As early as Sunday last week, Naree started distributing them to members of Archuleta Philippines to distribute to potential viewers.

Nandito Ako posters
Nandito Ako flyers

Archuleta Philippines also embarked on a Promotional Power Campaign for Nandito Ako and created materials in addition to the posters and flyers that others can download and print themselves for the promotion (design c/o Kricket and Ferj).

Archuleta Philippines promo materials

And Archuleta Philippines even made the campaign more exciting by releasing this announcement to die-hard, hard core promoters of Nandito Ako:

If you feel like you’ve already been doing your best to promote Nandito Ako, then this is probably good news for you. A reward may be on its way!

AP, in coordination w TV5, is giving away special archustuffs, and A SPECIAL GRAND PRIZE for winners to our “NANDITO AKO TODO PROMOTE!” contest. Watch out for our post on this later today, and you may just win something from JOSH BRADLEY himself. *Wink*. (Hint: When you do all of the above suggestions for promotions, make sure you document it – take a video or picture. Who knows, you may be our lucky winner!) Be sure to follow us @archuletaphils @kricket_rc234!

If you haven’t done your part yet, then better get your fangirl mode on and power campaign for David!

So, here I am documenting my weekend of non-stop, shameless promotion of Nandito Ako. It was so much fun seeing the reaction of the people I’ve talked and how many of them wanted more copies once they saw who was on the show ;)

1) Posters outside tricycles (a motorcyle with a sidecar, often used as mode of transportation in the Philippines for short distances) – I got these tricycle drivers to help me put up the posters at the back of their tricycles. They even asked me for more posters that they can share with their buddies.

Tricycle in Agoo
Tricycle in Aringay

2) Flyers inside Tricycles

Flyer in Trike1
Flyer inside Trike2
Had Mr Trike Driver distribute the flyers

3) Posters in Shops

At a computer shop
At Ice Cream Haus

3) At bus stops

Bus stop

4) In buses

On our way to Sand Fernando, La Union and Baguio, JackRyan and I had the bus conductor put up posters inside the bus near the entrance/exit.

In provincial buses

5) In events – Panagbenga Festival (Flower Festival) in Baguio

Knowing how hundreds of thousands of people, local and international visitors, flock Baguio during its annual Flower Festival (also known as Panagbenga) , JackRyan and I went up to Baguio to share in the festivities and spread the word about Nandito Ako. We targeted those who were taking pictures with TV5’s float and they were excited about the show when they found out David Archuleta is on it. Some even asked for multiple bookmarks as keepsakes.

Gave away AP's Nandito Ako bookmarks by TV5's float
Explaining Nandito Ako to potential viewers
"I wanna watch Nandito Ako!"
Getting friendly with Panagbenga visitors

We also targeted the ice cream vendors since they move around a lot and people can easily spot the posters when they buy from them.

Nestle Ice Cream vendor
Selecta Ice Cream Vendor

6) And even at home

My welcome to our visitors LOL

It was a tiring yet productive weekend. Hopefully, everyone we talked to will start tuning in to Nandito Ako this Monday. They’re in for a treat – David Archuleta in bunny suit!

More to come… Peace!

Thanks TV5!

10 thoughts on “Mega Promo Weekend for Nandito Ako”

  1. SUPER, WONDERFUL promotion by all of you! The Baguio pictures brought back special memories—-went there yrs ago, when stationed at Clark AB—unbelievable trip to get up there! THANKS for the AWESOME job you all did in the past few weeks, making us feel like we were also with you! You are loved!


  2. Great job. You are working so hard to promote Nandito Ako and of course the most wonderful young man in the world. David Archuleta! Thank you so much for giving your love. David’s fans are the best!!


  3. You are all INCREDIBLE. David’s so fortunate to have all of you as fans. I’m happy that you had a number of opportunities to see him while he was there!
    From an appreciative U.S. fan


  4. AP’s love for David is unbelievable.You guys need to be commended for all the things you have done and still do for David and Nandito Ako. I am so proud of you. David is very fortunate to be loved by Pinoys but it’s well deserved for this young man with his talent, humility and loving kindness.


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