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BEGIN. CD Launch in the Philippines with Astroplus and Archuleta Philippines

What a fun day it was for the Philippine Archies! Everyone was excited to finally get their hands on David Archuleta’s latest album, BEGIN. .

Astroplus and Archuleta Philippines partnered in launching BEGIN. in the Philippine shores. Astroplus did not disappoint! Front and center at the Astroplus branch in the newly opened Robinsons Magnolia mall in Quezon City was a majestic display of BEGIN. posters/tarps, BEGIN. CDs and througout the launch David’s music and videos were played inside the store.

DA BEGIN. huge standee
BEGIN. CD Display
DA dominates Astrovision / Astroplus (photo credit to Carla Charisse)
Archuleta Phils with DA and BEGIN. merch before the launch


Astroplus helping with the preparations (cr Ivory Music FB)
The standees and CDs for gifting
Up for grabs
Up for grabs
Framed MKOC pictures c/o Naree (cr Ivory Music FB)


And the program BEGIN.s

The program / activities were as follows:

1 – Welcome Remarks

2 – Minor contest: Early bird / First to purchase BEGIN. onsite ;  PRIZE: DA BEGIN. wall clock

3 – Album Gifting: Pick 40 giftees from 496 entries from Twitter and Facebook (mechanics were posted in Archuleta Philippines last August 17)

4 – Merch Raffle – For all attendees ; PRIZES were:

  • 5 BEGIN. pins
  • 3 BEGIN. mousepads
  • 1 BEGIN. laminated calendar with David’s autographh
  • 2 BEGIN. mini-standees

5 – DA/BEGIN Quiz (details below)

6 – Merch Raffle – For those who purchased onsite ; PRIZES were:

  • 5 BEGIN. pins
  • 3 BEGIN. mousepads
  • 1 BEGIN. hi-res photo of David
  • 2 BEGIN. mini-standees
Raffles and contests!
Explaining the mechanics for the BEGIN. Quiz

At stake for the BEGIN. Quiz were:

  • Josh Bradley shirt from the emotional cemetery scene in Nandito Ako
  • Jen Barry’s DA calendar
  • Laminated DA Begin. calendar
  • 2 MKOC framed photos taken by @nareejo

In case you’re curious, the questions were:

  1. In what song in the BEGIN. Album did David play the piano?
  2. Who did the photography in the BEGIN. Album?
  3. Who wrote the lyrics for Broken?
  4. What made David do the BEGIN. album?
  5. Which recording company worked with David on BEGIN?
  6. Who is the official distributor of BEGIN. in the Philippines?
  7. What is the title of the famous REM song that David covered?
  8. Where was the soldier scene in EH MV shot?
  9. Who wrote Don’t Give Up?
  10. Who originally sang Pride?
Busy answering the quiz (cr Ivory Music FB)

We also did the awarding of the winners to the Forevermore and Nandito Ako promo – each getting a Josh Bradley shirt from Nandito Ako.


One of the mousepad winners
Wall clock winner
Winners of DA calendar, framed MKOC photos and Josh Bradley shirt
Winner of BEGIN. hi-res photo of David
MIni-standee winner
Mini-standee winner and Forevermore Promo winner
Nandito Ako Promo winner

Everyone at the launch were given a BEGIN. pocket calendar. No one went home empty handed!

BEGIN. Pocket calendar
No one went home empty handed!

Thank you, Ivory Records and Astroplus for making this event happen! Thank you for the lovely BEGIN. poster and for sharing the pictures you took on FB.

BEGIN. poster

Special shout out to Kricket and JackRyan4DA of Archuleta Philippines for the hard work and for making sure we have a successful launch!

And thanks to Jenna Archuleta for taking pictures of the event ;)

P.S. See those 2 huge standees at the front of the Astro store? They will be up for grabs in December :)



Originally posted on MasterClassLady.Com:

By Pamela Pike and Rosanne Simunovic

Pamela Pike’s Recollections

It was Top 4 week and the theme was songs by Artists from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. David chose Love Me Tender an oldies love song sung by Elvis Presley, in the movie, Love Me Tender.

When a singer attempts an Elvis Presley song the first thing you think is how bad will it sound? Elvis songs have a special place in people’s hearts and cannot be sung by everyone, except for David Archuleta.

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ReBlogged: Afternoon with David Archuleta

Reblogged from helloballoon.

One of the distinct pleasures of being a professional photographer is getting to meet the most fascinating people up close. In New York, while working with photographer Sante D’Orazio, I had the privilege of working with a number of celebrities, many of whom I personally admired and was happy to get to hang out with on set.  And boy, were there many stories! I will never forget the time I found myself alone in the makeup room with Diana Ross; Or the time I took a swig from Keith Richards’ vodka after a shoot for Rolling Stone Magazine; Or the day I helped James Taylor locate his wife, who went missing in Milk Studios.  And there were more — Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, the Victoria’s Secret Girls, Mickey Rourke, Faith Hill, Jennifer Garner (with Ben Affleck in tow), the list goes on.

Anyway, just recently, I was happy to receive a call from Ivory Records, asking me to shoot David Archuleta, who was in town recording an album of OPM hits (Original Pilipino Music).  I must mention right off the bat that I am a huge fan of David’s, and remember rooting for him when he was competing in American Idol in 2008 — so imagine my excitement to actually be working with him. By the way, did you know that he got 44 percent of some 97 million votes that season? Amazing.

Happy to share photos from my afternoon with David — Two days, actually. The first was in the recording studio, and the second was on location for his album cover shoot. Enjoy!

I walked into the studio that morning as David was recording his version of Side A’s “Forevermore,” the album’s title track. Wow, this is even better than a front row seat, I told myself.

As David collaborated with songwriter Jimmy Antiporda in between takes, I instantly observed how David was charming, focused and a delight to work with.

In less than an hour, David completed recording “Forevermore,” and immediately moved on to the next song.

David shares a light moment with his manager Kari Sellards, as they viewed a viral video of him interacting with “Vangie,” the Pinoy virtual assistant.

On set for the album cover shoot, David was energetic, focused and professional, despite a hectic mall tour the day before.

Of course, there were the occasional bursts of laughter, which also produced some of the shoot’s most memorable portraits.

I was excited to shoot this portrait because it represented the two things I love most about David — His music and his laughter.

Found this handsome jet-black mini-coop parked in the driveway and couldn’t help using it for one of our shots.

The shoot went by smoothly, shot after shot, and before I knew it, David and I were off to our last outfit of the day.

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon, David and Kari! Hope to see you guys back in the Philippines again very soon!

Forevermore is released by Ivory Music. Here is the video of the album’s title track:

And in case you’re interested, here’s the video that Kari was showing David — You gotta love Vangie! Hahaha!

The story you haven’t heard about David Archuleta’s LDS mission

Reblogged from Deseret News:

Ashley Evans proudly displays the personalized gifts sent by David Archuleta just before leaving on his mission.

Dr. Joel Evans


A lifetime from now, David will be remembered by many of us for many more memorable things. But to some of us, he’ll be remembered for a divine reminder: you can impact the world for good, one person at a time.

When David Archuleta made his run to the finals of “American Idol” in 2008, he sang for millions of people every week.

He had a positive impact on legions of fans that supported and advanced him to his runner-up finish. They later purchased his albums and tracked his journey on Facebook, Twitter and through his YouTube channel. They attended concerts, firesides and rooted for his success.

It’s tough to quantify the positive impact this young man has had on millions of eyes, ears and hearts.

But you already know that story.

You also know that he recently put his career and professional dreams on hold to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in South America. It’s inspiring that during this crucial time in his career, at the ripe age for stardom, he’s hitting the pause button on his temporal life to serve the Lord.

It’s hard to gauge the enormous impact he will have on the people he serves, teaches and fellowships for the next two years.

But you already know that story, too.

What you don’t know is what David did in the final weeks before saying goodbye to serve and have an impact on his smallest audience of all: one.

On Jan. 17, 2012, I wrote a column about Ashley Evans of Berryville, Va. She’s a beautiful young woman who inspires many around her, and the piece about her journey from tragedy to triumph has been one of my most popular editions of Wright Words. Evidently she inspired many of you, too.

Among other personal tidbits about Ashley, I reported that she’s a big fan of David’s. After the article appeared in the Deseret News, Scott McGavin, a good man in his own right and David’s dentist and close family friend, sent it to him to ensure he would meet the Ashley that readers around the country were falling in love with.

David apparently loved the piece, but it had everything to do with the lovely subject, and nothing to do with the wordsmith.

In the height of preparing for his mission, with all that entails, David took the time to assemble a care package of goodies for one of his biggest fans. With Dr. McGavin’s help, he sent several signed pictures, a limited-edition drawing and a photo of a fundraising brick placed in Ashley’s honor at a dental clinic in India. He even wrote a personal note on one of the photos and quoted Ashley from my original column.

Perhaps to you it seems a small gesture, but to Ashley and her family it was a tremendous act of kindness. Ashley’s smile was so big and bright when she opened the envelope, David might have seen it from across the country if only he’d been looking out his window that morning.

It was a measure of kindness she’ll remember for many years.

As for David, he’ll spend the next two leading many people to the waters of baptism. In doing so, he’ll help them take a vital step toward returning to live with our Father in Heaven.

Down the road, David will resume singing, producing music and maybe even dabble in film and television.

But of all his many accomplishments already written in the newspapers of heaven and earth, plus those yet to come, none is more important than the one simple stroke of kindness performed when the world wasn’t looking. What a lesson that the world isn’t changed in the millions of albums sold, books published or deals closed.

A lifetime from now, David will be remembered by many of us for many more memorable things. But to some of us, he’ll be remembered for a divine reminder: you can impact the world for good, one person at a time.

Jason F. Wright is a New York Times best-selling author of eight books, including “Christmas Jars,” “The Wednesday Letters” and “The Wedding Letters.” He can be reached at or

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Very nice

Originally posted on ChildFund International:

by Martin Nanawa, ChildFund Philippines

Children in ChildFund Philippines’ programs and a few of their school peers received a special treat last Sunday when David Archuleta made a surprise appearance at a ChildFund gathering held at a local school.

Children from the Teatro Bu-bot [arm-in-arm] Children’s Advocacy Theater had prepared all week to mount their much-touted “Many Faces of Poverty” performance for ChildFund Philippines National Director Katherine Manik, and her unspecified guest.

Little did they know that the special guest would turn out to be none other than recording artist David Archuleta, who is in the Philippines filming a television miniseries.

Archuleta, now 21, who finished runner up in the seventh season of American Idol in 2008, teamed with ChildFund for his 2011 My Kind of Christmas tour. He is also sponsoring a child from Honduras, his mother’s native country.

Archuleta has developed a large fan base in the…

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Blog Mentions – MTC and Mission

Read these from various fansites. There has been so much drama on whether or not these blog mentions must be shared. I’ll let you make the call on whether you read them or not (A lot of the blog entries are actually enlightening about LDS and the life of missionaries and soon-to-be missionaries).

3/29/2012 from here

The other big news this week is that David Archuletta reported to the MTC yesterday, and there has been a lot of talk going around about him.  His classroom is in the same building as mine and on the same floor and I have seen him a lot but I haven’t talked to him because every single person knows who he is and wants to talk to him so i don’t want to be like everyone else.  Everyone is obsessed with him tries to talk to him during his classes and during meals.  I feel bad for him.  He already knows Spanish and is going to Santiago Chile after 3 weeks so he won’t be here for too long.  I hope he can avoid the hype and focus on his mission.  It is kind of cool to be here at the same time as someone famous though and just randomly walk by him and recognize his face.

3/29/2012 from here:

8: Finally last one, David Archuleta entered the MTC Yesterday, and I’ll try to get a Picture with him, But It wont be an easy task since all the sister missionaries are always around him and everywhere he goes, there is a crowd by him he is getting asked questions. I can tell he doesn’t like the attention because he wanted to have a normal mission, but hey, what did he expect, I mean, he is famous. but I’ll try to get one with him before I leave on Monday.

3/30/2012 from here:

On another note, I know a lot of people are asking about Elder Archuleta. Yes, he did come to the MTC on Wednesday. I have seen him around quite a bit and his lives in the same building as Elder Lewis I think. I haven’t gone and said hi to him because I understand that he is here to serve the Lord and that would get really annoying having to sign autographs and take pictures. He walked on to the MTC choir going to General Conference too. So he will be singing with us tomorrow you can keep an eye out for him. Actually during one of our practices, the MTC president said that everyone needs to leave him alone and allow him to live his own life. There are always girls snickering about him though.

3/30/2012 from here:

So, yeah. David whats-his-head is here. He showed up last wednesday. We saw him sitting at the table across from us at lunch that day; he’s so tiny. I didn’t talk to him; to be honest, I was sorta hoping he wouldn’t be here while I was here, because the MTC was already buzzing about him within an hour or so of us seeing him. Also, HE got into the MTC choir on thursday. WHAT the what. So yeah, the word is out. I dunno if i’ll talk to him; I know if I was him, I’d definitely want to keep things on the DL and try to have as much of a normal MTC-experience as possible. Oh, and rumor has it that his comp doubles as his bodyguard. What? haha.

3/30/2012 from FB link:

Here are some excerpts from Elder Silva’s 7th letter. It was a good one so I had a hard time cutting out too much – Hey ya’ll! I’m practicing my Texas accent since I am going to be leaving in about 2 and a half weeks. Crazy huh. ….We have been practicing for General Conference every day. It’s been insane but it will be worth it cause it is going to be awesome! We sing in the afternoon session so if there is anybody that doesn’t know make sure you tell them!! …So the MTC turned into Hogwarts this week. David Archuletta got here and he was pretty much like Harry Potter and everyone was being dumb and looking at him weird! I felt bad and when I went to set up an appointment to get my haircut this morning he was in there getting his haircut. I can be proud to say I just treated him like every other missionary and human being for that matter…..I have never been so excited for Conference then for this one.

3/30/2012 from here:

Wednesday:…………this day was probably the worst day……..David Archuletta came to the mtc. that’s all everyone talked about. so annoying!!!!!! now when people ask me “hey where you going?” and i tell them they are like “oh cool your going to David archulettas mission??” UGH no its not his mission! i got called first! ugh hahaha i was so bugged and same with the rest of my district! so that was that…………..

3/30/2012 from here:

Alright now time to address the ELDER Archuleta issue. Yes, he came in on Tuesday and he is going to Chile. Yes I have seen him, yes I have talked with him, and yes I will get a picture with him just for you guys. Just yesterday he was in the salad line with me and so I talked with him for about 5 minutes, he’s pretty awesome, but he said that he hates having everyone know who he is. I wasn’t like AWE-stricken when I saw him, but he is way cool! Usually he sits by us at lunch so it’s an interesting experience. I have a lot of respect for him to leave behind what he did to serve. He’s a great guy!

3/31/2012 from here:

it’s official. david archuleta is here. same day as petah. so crazy. can’t believe it. and i’ve been very very close to him like 3 or 4 times and remained very calm and collected. he is tiny. he is beautiful. and he’s in the mtc choir, which is making many ppl pretty uptight, since lots and lotsa ppl wanted to be in it and didn’t make it for one reason or another. all we did was fill out papers that listed our experience. not too fancy. but those poor ppl will have to deal bc i highly doubt elder archuleta got down on his knees on his first whirlwind of a day here and begged to be in the choir. let’s be logical. “oh, i’m not famous enough and i’d like my mission to be an extension of my career, so may i PLEEEEASE be on tv!?!?!” yeah. not happening. but for whatever reason, he was there dark and early the very next morning at rehearsal. wowsa. and sis. w was telling me how ridiculous it is that ppl can’t seem to let it go. she said at breakfast yesterday, ” there are worse things than having a really good singer in the mtc choir for general conference.” and i said, “amen.” and that was even coming from a not-on-the-david-archuleta-bandwagon sister wight. so there. they can all suck a toe, right? well, i’ll be nicer. but it’s still in the “i don’t have control over it” category, so i guess it is, like many circumstances i will face on my mission, not worth complaining about. and HECK! i wouldn’t complain anyway! i get to see someone whom i’ve been dreaming of singing with for about a couple years now almost every day! SWEET! even though we do no more than possibly smile at each other in passing… if that’s happened, yet. he’s very private, i believe. and doesn’t seem to want any attention.

3/31/2012 from here:

So to answer any questions about David Archuleta being in the
MTC its true, he is here! Kinda funny he came up to me and asked me for
directions to one of the buildings he had a class in and i didn’t know
it was him for a sec and then we talked for a quick sec. I could tell he
didn’t want to make himself too publicly known so the sister
missionaries could stay focused. haha but he’s a nice guy.

4/1/2012 from here:

And, yes I have seen Elder Archuletta a few times… but he doesn’t look too happy. I’m sure its stressful to be in his shoes, and I kinda feel bad. That’s one thing that teaching investigators has taught me is sympathy and definitely empathy.

4/2/2012 from here:

That is way cool about David Archuleta putting aside his large career to serve the Lord. I wonder if he will have problems with people in Chile, if some people that recognize him will only meet with him because he is famous. That would add a very difficult aspect to a mission that can already be difficult at times. However, how cool would it be to be comps with him. You would make friendships that would last forever. Crazy! I feel bad that he gets swarmed everywhere. He is a very good person to not let people distracting him from his food and date bother him or get frustrated.

4/2/2012 from here:

Thats really really funny that you mention David Archuleta because Elder Chichia my comp always says that i look like him (even though i know i dont) and so he was joking around again and said that he saw me in the choir that was singing because someone looked like David. I cant believe it was actually him! nuts! That would be so awesome! hes gonna come Piura Peru and im gonna train him haha. does he already know spanish then? I always thought he wasnt allowed to go on a mission because he would be a distraction but i guess that solves the problem, dont tell anyone where hes going and send him to a country where he isnt famous.

4/3/2012 from here:

So yes….David Archuleta IS at the MTC! And yes…I have seen him…like 4 times. The first time I saw him I totally acted like one of the teen freaks and freaked out when I saw him haha! I don’t think he saw me…so that’s good. But um, he’s so tiny! He’s shorter then ME! I think the third time I saw him he smiled at me though ;) hahahaha! But yeah, it’s cool to see him. My goal is to shake his hand before he leaves. He’s going to Chile and leaves for the MTC there in 3 weeks so…I got 2 more weeks to try!

4/3/2012 from here:

Oh yeah, I met a new elder yesterday by the name of Archuleta, I think his first name is David? Apparently he’s famous. I just think hes kind of standoffish and strange. Generally when you smile and wave people do it back but he acted like I had three heads or something. Whaaaaatever. He lives in the building across from us and learns in the same classroom so we see him alot.

4/3/2012 from here:

Also, you might have seen Elder David Archuleta singing up there as well. Yes he is here. I feel so bad for the guy. He was stormed on the first day and people don’t leave him alone. When he found out he was zoomed in on, he was so embarrassed. I’ve talked to him. He’s a really nice guy and a great missionary.

4/4/2012 from here:

Last week David Archuleta, runner up on American Idol, reported to the MTC to begin his missionary training. It was exciting to think that Elder Farris and David could possibly meet!

Apparently Elder Farris met David Archuleta THAT VERY DAY!!!! He shook his hand and welcomed him to the MTC. they are in the same zone, so they eat every meal together. They also have church meetings together on Sundays! Elder Farris said he is trying not to act like an obsessed fan, because a lot of the other missionaries are giving David the celebrity treatment instead of treating him normally. Elder Farris is trying to act cool around David, but he said he almost fainted the first time.

Of course, he didn’t tell me (Jacie, his girlfriend) any of this in his Thursday P-day email. He just said to check the mail for his letter, because I’d “really like it.” Very cryptic. I had a feeling it  would be about David, especially after seeing David sing at General Conference over the weekend. But then Monday finally rolled around and I got my letter, telling me all of the above information. Naturally, I freaked out!!

4/4/2012 from here:

As the choir gently neared the end of the beloved hymn “Praise to the Man” the camera focused on a familiar face singing with the choir. David Archuleta. A collective gasp arose from the viewing audience. At least in my house.  My guess is that had Moroni shown up at the Conference Center with his trumpet, some people would have asked, “Who’s the guy in the robe here to accompany David Archuleta?”

I like David Archuleta. Haven’t purchased any of his music, but I recognize that he is really talented. Yet I cringed when I saw him on the screen. My first thought was “that was a carefully orchestrated PR move. Glad they waited until the end.” I just hope everyone remembered which “man” we were “praising”.

Later that afternoon I was talking to my sons, as we drove to watch the priesthood session. Their response surprised me – they thought it was so cool! They were honestly excited. One of those sons will be entering the MTC while Elder Archuleta is still there.

I was still a little cynical, but didn’t share it – because I don’t judge anymore. (Effective 3/31/12)

While I was sitting in the darkened chapel watching the conference, I hit me hard:
A change of heart.
I looked back at some things that I have seen in my lifetime, and started to gain a strong appreciation for what I had seen earlier in the day.

Before President Uchtdorf’s talk, back when I was more judgmental, I probably would have said something like this:

“All of my life I have seen seekers of fame and fortune – mostly athletes – being lauded by church members for chasing fame and fortune – just because they are LDS. I don’t get it – never have. But everybody sure gets excited about it.  Many fans will say ‘but they do so much missionary work being in the public eye‘. Maybe, but where is the sacrifice?  They aren’t walking away from fame and fortune, they are embracing it, and then might leverage it to do good works. Isn’t that backwards? Besides, why are we so desperate to have LDS idols that we would settle for them?”

However, since President Uchtdorf set me straight on Saturday, I would never think or say anything like that anymore. Now I would just say, “Everyone has to make their own decisions, it isn’t for me to judge.”

But…is praise judgment? Can I pass positive judgment on another?  I hope so, because here it goes…

I am so impressed that this young man would be willing to humbly walk away from fame and fortune to do as the Lord has asked. He is willing to sacrifice to serve. The more I think about it, the more I love him for his example to my sons, and all the young men I have worked with in the church. The power of his example should not be under-estimated.

Yes, the directors of the broadcast did manage to smoothly squeeze him into the frame at the end of the song – and I DO have a problem with that.  Why?

Because I wish they had had him sing in General Conference.
I wish they had publicized it in advance. With TV commercials.
I wish they had asked him to speak in the priesthood session.
I wish he could have given a talk, explaining to my boys, and the boys of the church, why he chose to serve a mission.
This dad wants his sons to see what humble sacrifice can look like.

Color me impressed.
Thank you, Elder Archuleta, and Godspeed.

4/5/2012 from here:

Another exciting thing this week that many of you may or may not have heard about was that David Archuleta came into the MTC! I knew he was coming in last Wednesday so I was looking for him. I didn’t see him till the next morning in Choir. I figured he’d be singing with us, and I walked right past him. The following morning I saw him and his companion, said good morning and he said good morning back. I’ve seen him several times a day since. Mostly at meals. I’ve been told he is going to Chile, but I know for sure he’s going to some spanish speaking mission. I do feel bad for him though because a lot of people have been very intrusive. We just have to remember that he is here for the same reason we all are: to serve the Lord. I admire him for his choice to serve the Lord! If you watch the end of the last song we sang in conference, Praise to the Man, he is zoomed in on at the last shot, so you can see that he really is a missionary =]

4/8/2012 from here:

David Archuleta has class on our same floor. One of our elders, Elder Mena, always wants a picture with him and uses us as an excuse. Yesterday we were walking down the hall when he was coming out of his classroom, and Elder Mena asked if we could get a picture with him, pointing to us sisters as if we were the ones who wanted it. He said he was trying to refrain from pictures but asked us our names and where we were going. I asked him if he was in advanced Spanish and he said yes, but he shouldn’t be. He asked if I was, and I said yes, but I shouldn’t be (actually though I love being in advanced). He is so short! And he wears the tightest missionary pants, haha. During our gym time yesterday I creeped on him doing ab work for all 20 laps that I ran around the track (that’s only 2 miles though).

4/8/2012 from here:

And, as I’m sure you all know, Elder David Archuleta arrived at the MTC last Wednesday. People have been spreading that rumor every Wednesday for the past….1000 weeks I’ve been here, so I didn’t believe it at first. Then we started getting all of those talks – “Please leave famous missionaries alone.” “It is not appropriate to ask other missionaries for autographs.” Hmm…I wonder what that could mean?? So yes, I have seen Elder Archuleta. No, I have not talked to him…I do not aspire to be one of his sister missionary fan club that pesters him. Poor guy. He’s apparently a really amazing person though, so I salute him for deciding to serve a mission.

4/8/2012 from here:

Went to Conference. Brad got tickets! We tried to go in the fall but oh wait… we got there late and lost a ticket. haha but this session we finally made it and can i mention it was THE SAME SESSION THAT DAVID ARCHULETA SANG IN. OH MY GOSH. I really almost died. It was the best day of my whole life. After conference was over. I ran up to the front and just stared at him. He may or may not have winked at me. :D

4/9/2012 from here:

In the MTC choir I saw tons of friends from BYU and then we were surprised to see David Archuleta. When did he decide to serve a mission? He’s way famous here in the Philippines and the members were so excited. This was a busy week and I did get transferred.

4/10/2012 from here:

He has seen David Archuleta a few times and has even cleaned the bathrooms in the building David is staying in (all missionaries clean the common areas of their fellow missionaries, so for all we know, David Archuleta is cleaning Ty’s toilets as well. ;)

4/11/2012 from here:

For Brooke, Elder Archuleta and I resided on the same floor here for a few weeks! I see him quite often and have shaken his hand, but when I did shake his hand I said nothing and treated him just like every other Elder here, because there are always elders wanting pictures with him and bugging him all the time are pretty immature about the whole thing of him being here. I feel bad  for the guy, and didn’t want to add to the hipe. sorry brooke, no picktures, but you understand. :)

4/11/2012 from here:

I see Elder David Archuleta a lot but he won’t do pictures. Says that’s not what he is here for.  Guess that makes sense.

4/12/2012 from here:

So my mom got to have breakfast with Elder Archuleta yesterday at the MTC (Ok-truth is the backs of their chairs touched). Does this mean I am now only 3 degrees from Simon Cowell??

4/13/2012 from here:

He said knowing Elder Archuleta is one of the coolest experiences at the MTC. They see each other every morning, eat meals together, attend church services together on Sundays, and live about 5 feet away from each other. In fact, they sat together for the Sunday’s General Conference , and last week they went running together. That has to be so awesome!! And luckily for Elder Archuleta, he gets to hang out with Elder Farris.

At this point he is getting used to the MTC schedule and is ready to head to Chile! He will leave for the MTC on May 7th…less than one month from now! At that point his P-days will change and we will have to get on a new schedule of emailing. Plus, since Chile is farther away than Utah, mail will be a lot slower.

4/13/2012 from here:

A few weeks ago the General Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held their biannual broadcast. It took place on the first Saturday and Sunday of April. Many asked if Elder Farris got to attend or even sang in the choir during Saturday’s portion. Sadly, he was stuck in a gym for all of it. He said he learned a lot from General Conference and had a good weekend, and that though he didn’t get to sing, he knew many in the choir. Including Elder Archuleta. Above is a quick picture of David Archuleta taken from the TV screen by a friend during David’s close-up on Saturday. On Sunday, he and Elder Farris sat next to each other in the crowded gym to watch the rest of Conference. Very cool!

4/13/2012 from here:

David Archuleta continues to distract us a little bit, but we’re mostly over him. He talked to me for a few minutes the other day about Guatemala. We see him all the time. I have been very humbled this week of being here, but I realized I’m not humble enough because I was NOT okay when he passed me on the track.

4/13/2012 from here:

I grinned, but before I could ask anything more another of the elders in their district came running over to talk to me. (Elders love talking to me. I think it has something to do with the fact that I’m a female who wears pants.) The missionary spoke in hushed tones, but his eyes were excited. “Did you know,” he asked, “that Elder Archuleta is here?!”

I stared at him blankly. “Who?”

Elder Archuleta!” He rolled his eyes. “You know, David Archuleta?”

“Oh yeah!” It was weird at first to hear him called ‘Elder.’ “He’s here? Here where? In the building?”

The missionary shook his head, “He’s here in the MTC. We saw him!” His companions nodded, looking excited too. The missionary continued with wide eyes, still speaking confidentially, “I saw him in the cafeteria this morning. He was drinking orange juice.”

“Really?” I asked. He’d given me a significant look and I didn’t really understand it.

“Yes!” The elder shook his head as if he couldn’t believe it. “He’s going to feel awful later. That MTC orange juice does bad things to your insides.”

“Ah.” I blinked, and involuntarily we all glanced toward the bathroom door across from us. On the wings of that awkward silence I left the elders to their contemplations.

4/13/2012 from here:

I had a closer encounter with David Archuletta for those who are interested. We were going to pick up the mail and on the way into the building we held the doors open for each other. Woo hoo! I held the door open for David Archuletta!

4/13/2012 from Mr Burger:

What is David Archuleta up to at Mormon Missionary Training Center? His elders & sisters tell all

Murray native and “American Idol” finalist David Archuleta began his journey to become a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by entering Missionary Training Center in late March.

It was thought that once he went inside the doors of the secretive Provo institution, the 21-year-old would be out of the public eye for about two years, spending about 10 weeks at MTC and then the rest of his time in his assigned mission, reportedly in Chile.

But this is an age where social media breaks down ramparts and bulwarks, no matter how much Elder Archuleta desires his pious privacy. As a consequence, the public and his fans have been able to read about his experiences through blog posts written by fellow elders and sisters at MTC.

“I’ve been officially star struck,” wrote Sister Emily Lewis. “I just drooled over him when he was on “‘American Idol.’”

“David Archuleta entered the MTC yesterday, and I’ll try to get a picture with him,” wrote Elder Abel Hemenway, assigned to Paraguay. “But it won’t be an easy task since all the sister missionaries are always around him and everywhere he goes … I can tell he doesn’t like the attention because he wanted to have a normal mission, but hey, what did he expect, I mean, he is famous.”

“Last week as Wednesday approached, the rumors started flying that the great DA would be entering the MTC,” wrote Sister Elise Marquitta Leavitt. “When Wednesday came, I was literally sick to my stomach thinking that the ONLY ‘celebrity’ I have ever loved or cared about would be here!”

Although the websites where these letters are posted seem to be a personal website — with sites usually associated with Blogspot and — in reality the websites are usually set up by families to let others know about how their missionary sons and daughters are faring.

“Missionaries are encouraged to write weekly to family often through e-mail,” said Scott Trotter, spokesman for the Church. “Generally, blogs documenting the experiences of missionaries are maintained by family members or friends from home. Often these blogs draw upon letters or photos sent by the missionary. The Church has no policy related to these blogs beyond general guidelines provided in the Church Handbook.”

The Church Handbook states: “Members are encouraged to be examples of their faith at all times and in all places, including on the Internet. If they use blogs, social networks, and other Internet technologies, they are encouraged to strengthen others and help them become aware of that which is useful, good, and praiseworthy. When appropriate, members are encouraged to mention the Church and to link to and share approved Church materials. When members use the Internet for purposes other than Church callings, they should understand that the message they give is personal. They should not give the impression that they represent or are sponsored by the Church.”

Trotter had no comment on Archuleta or his experiences as a missionary, except to say that The Church would not confirm that Archuleta would be serving his mission in Chile, and Trotter spoke only of general guidelines given to all missionaries.

As expected, the weekly letters posted do focus primarily on the Church, since Archuleta is not more popular than Jesus. Elder Dayne Joyner, assigned to Mexico, wrote on April 2 that he “recently become very interest[ed] in the history of some of the hymns.” Elder Anthony Kai Buckwalter, assigned to Taiwan, writes about “going to the temple so early in the morning” is something he loves. And Sister Natalie Sargeant, assigned to Chile, writes about General Conference in that the “Spirit was strong, our songs turned out great, we were only like 50 yds from President Monson and the apostles … really, amazing.”

But when arguably the biggest celebrity to ever enter the MTC takes classes and meals with 19-year-olds and 20-year-olds, it is hard not to write home about Archuleta.

Elder Tanner Browning, assigned to Moscow, on April 4, wrote: “For all of my girl cousins back home I can say yeah, that I have briefly talked to him haha.”

“I feel bad for him sometimes because people come up and talk to him alot and one guy asked for his autograph,” Joyner wrote.

Most of those who encountered him said that he was shy and humble, as well as being much shorter than they expected him to be. Some take Advanced Spanish with him, and others jog with him. Sister Hermana Goimarac wrote that Archuleta “wears the tightest missionary pants, haha.”

However, no matter how hard the Church might try, it appears as if the presence of Archuleta has affected the MTC in small ways. Sister Skyler Elizabeth Dunford wrote that the missionaries “started getting all of those talks — “Please leave famous missionaries alone.” “It is not appropriate to ask other missionaries for autographs.”

And one persistent scuttlebutt is that Archuleta got special treatment for being allowed to in the MTC choir early for General Conference. “I said there is a choir of 364 people to Gen Conf,” wrote Elder Ian Derik Sanderson on March 31. “I am not, however, included in them. I haven’t had enough singing experience. The choir now includes 365 people, Can you guess who the last one is? Yep, Elder David Archuleta. My [companion] is super pissed!”

Elder Jordan Olsen, assigned to Nagoya, Japan, also addressed the rumors of special treatment, and seemed unimpressed: “To be honest, I was sorta hoping he wouldn’t be here while I was here … Also, HE got into the MTC choir on thursday. WHAT the what. … Oh, and rumor has it that his [companion] doubles as his bodyguard. What? haha.”

Sister Kelsey Whitaker, assigned to Nauvoo, even seemed a bit irritated. “I was so caught up with the spirit, I didn’t even notice Elder Archuleta,” she wrote. “He’s a pretty big deal amongst the mormons. No one wants to hear what WE’RE doing, they just want to tell us what the latest is with David. Its a little out of control how many people are talking about him.”

But once elders and sisters move past rumors, they seem to all agree that Elder Archuleta is genuine and goes out of his way to be normal. “Just yesterday, he was in the salad line with me and so I talked with him for about 5 minutes,” wrote Elder Ryan Moffet. “He’s pretty awesome, but he said he hates having everyone know who he is. I wasn’t like AWE-stricken when I saw him, but he is way cool. Usually he sits by us at lunch so it’s an interesting experience … He’s a great guy.”

Sister Leavitt calls him her “love, the great Elder Archuleta,” and adds that “he is THEE most humble, shy, wonderful thing ever and so delightful, and it was basically the most blissful minutes of my life [talking to him]. Heavenly Father truly does smile down on His missionaries. ;)”

Elder Joseph Gibbons, assigned to Bangkok, wrote that Archuleta is “very nice, respectful, and humble. Also very short.”

4/15/2012 from here:

Big news here about seeing Elder Archuleta aka David Archuleta as a missionary in the choir at General Conference. It’s great to see people have their priorities set.

4/15/2012 from here:

This week was so amazing!!!!!! General Conference was so fun!!!! I went to the Saturday afternoon session and yes I  saw Elder David Archuleta!!!! it was funny! But I enjoyed it….although I was really tired and tried not to fall asleep :) … the talks were great.

4/15/2012 from here:

This one’s for Cheyenne:  I saw Elder Archuleta this week.  He’s  little and apparently very shy.  That’s about it.  Sorry to disappoint you.

4/16/2012 from here:

Just have to say, we had the most wonderful day at the Provo Missionary Training Center! So amazing! Finished it off sitting at the feet of M. Russell Ballard, an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, Quorem of the Twelve. Wonderful sacrament meeting earlier; attended a Branch with all the missionaries preparing to serve in the Phillipines. I sang the hymns in tagalog with everyone. Beautiful Relief Society with all the sister missionaries this morning. Janis Lindley spoke powerfully about teaching everyone about Jesus Christ. So motivating! “Our very own” Elder David Archiletta sang “The Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning”. He is ready to go serve the Lord!
All of the missionaries are amazing & such an inspiration to me! 56,000 can’t be wrong! How blessed we are! Love to all! di

4/16/2012 from here:

Last night both of the speakers really good, and between them David Archulleta (Now technically “Elder”, but yeah, the popstar from American Idol), gave a really great vocal performance. He’s going to South America, and right after he finished Elder Ballard got up to give his talk and started with, “Elder Archulleta, that was a hard act to follow.” Elder Archuletta has been on campus for the last 3 weeks and I’ve seen him around every once in a while. He was even in the MTC Confrence Choir if you look hard enough. But as for all of the popularity I’ve seen so far here, it’s been through the roof: Elders Packer, Ballard, and Oaks, David Archuletta, some members of the seventy, a newscaster from Chicago, and some others.

4/17/2012 from here:

Then…David Archuleta sang “The Spirit of God.”
Usually don’t like his music…really liked that. It was amazing, and
really brought the Spirit of God into the the meeting (and yes, Carli
probably mentioned I did get to chat with Elder Archuleta last week).

4/17/2012 from here:

Then, the best part, Elder Ballard came and gave the Sunday Fireside talk!!!! It’s like, NEVER a general authority on Sunday’s so everyone was pumped! Then…DAVID ARCHULETA DID THE MUSICAL NUMBER! He sang the Spirit of God and oh my gosh…I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up at the end hahahahaha but only because he started to cry! It was so amazing. Really quickly, one thing that Elder Ballard said in his talk was something along the lines of, “The whole church should be grateful that mother Smith didn’t deny her son when he told her that he knew for himself that the Presberayian (sp?) church wasn’t true. How grateful we all ought to be that Joseph Senior didn’t deny his son but said ‘go do what the angel told you.'” His whole talk was based on his testimony of Joseph Smith and it was amazing! He is such a crack up too! He spoke right after Elder Archuleta sang and he said, “David Archuleta…you’re a hard act to follow!” He also said, “None of you are perfect. If you haven’t figured it out…well, figure it out.” Ha! So funny.

4/17/2012 from here:

Elder David Archuleta (who i see a lot, lives in my building) gave a powerful musical number (the spirit of God). He mixed it with Spanish because that is what he is learning. It was a really neat piece.

4/19/2012 from here:

After President Brown’s talk, some of you might be interested to hear that Elder Archuletta sang “The Spirit of God”, with the second verse being in Spanish.  It was really great, and very emotional for everyone, including Elder Archulleta, whose voice was cracking for the last lines.

4/19/2012 from here:

so i know mom’s wondering (no he’s not going to italy) david archuletta.. wait.. elder archuletta was in the mtc with me. he entered on the same day but he left to chile on monday. he sang in the devotional on sunday and man……. that kid is SO shy and SO timid but i am telling you… he is powerful. he sang The Spirit of God and i know the entire congragation felt the spirit. he sang the second verse in spanish which was really cool. monday morning i saw him walking and complimented him. ah yeah ;]

4/19/2012 from here:

They never made a special announcement about Elder Archuleta but they maybe should have… ha ha The first couple days he was getting mobbed by sister missionaries. I felt bad for him. But then it got better. He actually sang in our fireside on Sunday night! It was super good, and guess who the speaker was?! M. Russell Ballard! It was an awesome fireside! He spoke on the power of the spirit and teaching with it. It was great.

4/19/2012 from here:

4/20/2012 from here:

Not sure how many of you are David Archuleta fans, but I asked my Dad (who is his mission president) if I could share something about his arrival in Chile and this is what he had to say about him, “He is a very humble, non-ego person..Not centered on himself. He is just GOOD. That is the word for him. And he is very excited to be here and loves his trainer and has already taught some lessons in his first sector”. Pretty cool. Out of respect for Elder Archuleta I wouldn’t want to get more specific than that on his experiences. Just good to know he is doing something good and for the right reasons.

In Chile

7/8/2012 – From an unknown source

7/16/2012 – Pictures from various sources

7/18/2012 – This video came out today. From Chile. a8ujmq


Glady’s who got to attend the Devotional in Santiago, Chile last July 15 posted her recap at The Voice. Read it here.


From Janel Woodbury’s comment on FOD:

Janel aka Nellie says:
July 24, 2012 at 10:20 pm

Bruny informed me that she was unable to go to the devotional and she was heart sick about it. She told me though there will be two events coming up, the one in October and then David will be singing on the temple grounds in December. Most likely for Christmas. She is going to try hard to go to both.

 8/13/2012 – From here

I don’t hear much about David Archuleta, he is out in the boondocks. Apparently he isn’t very well known around here. I asked his companion if  we could take a picture, but apparently he hates cameras, kind of a problem when you’re famous.

8/20/2012 – From here

Speaking of David Archuleta, I met him today. I can´t promise pictures, seeing as he doesn´t like them. It was interesting to see him walk up. We were at the train station doing cambios, and he was there. We did the normal Chilean greeting for men, with a handshake, hug, and handshake. I asked him if he was already here, or changing. Cool and strange to be standing by a guy who is know by millions of people. But alas, no pictures. I heard he went to Santiago to get his Visa and Carnet, basically a Chilean ID card, and in the metro station, some girls attacked and tried to kiss him. LOL.

We had cambios today (changes). The president didn´t change me to another sector, so I am here in Recreo for another 6 weeks or more. Its good, I like this sector and I look forwards to the future here. We had a good last night with Elder Berlin. After being here for 3 changes, he is going to Machali, a little town next to Rancagua. He will be living in the same house as David Archuleta! I told him to give Archie a kiss from me XD. On that note, my new companion is Elder Torres, a Latino from El Salvador. He´s pretty bakan (cool) and I understand his Spanish really well. Now we are in a house with 3 Latinos and myself. I have been told countless times how good my Spanish will get, so we’ll see how it goes for this change.


Shawna Tidwell (@stidwell53)
Posted Sunday 26th August 2012 from Twitbird Pro

talked to @DavidArchie’s mom and grandpa after church today and told them how much we love his new album(s) and how thankful we all are for his hard work and doing this for us…asked her how he was doing and she said “just so wonderful and happy”…should have gone to the missionaries house after the meeting to visit more with them…dang, buy I had to teach my 11 year old class:(

8/26/2012 – From here

El Centro JAS Rancagua le invita a una especial presentación musical, “UNA NOCHE CON ELDERES COELLO Y ARCHULETA” — el Sábado 13 de Octubre a las 19:00 (Las puertas se abrirán a las 18:00) en el centro de estaca en Rancagua, Av. Grecia #319, Rancagua. ESTA PRESENTACIÓN ES SOLAMENTE PARA LOS JOVENES ADULTOS SOLTEROS EN LA VALLE CACHAPOAL EN LA SEXTA REGIÓN DE CHILE ENTRE LAS EDADES DE 18-30.

Debido a asientos limitados, necesitan reservar un asiento a través del formulario que se encuentra abajo. Solamente los que tengan una reservación confirmada, serán admitidos. Recibirán un correo eléctronico confirmando su reserva. Una semana antes de la presentación, recibirán un segundo correo. NECESITAN RESPONDER A ESE CORREO Y CONFIRMAR QUE VAN A ASISTIR A ESTA PRESENTACION O SU ASIENTO SERA DADO A LOS DEMAS.

Loose translation

Rancagua JAS Center invites you to a special musical presentation, “A NIGHT WITH ELDERS COELLO AND ARCHULETA” — Saturday October 13 at 19:00 (Doors open at 18:00) at the stake center in Rancagua , Greece Av # 319, Rancagua. This presentation is only for single young adults, between 18-30 years old, from the Cachapoal Valley, 6th region of Chile.

Due to limited seating, you need to book a seat through the form provided below. Only those with a confirmed reservation will be admitted. You will receive an email confirming your booking. A week before the presentation, you will receive a second email. You need to respond to that email and confirm that you will attend this presentation or your booking will be given to others.

From Richard Sacrifice And Joy

Reblogged from Fans of David

It’s been 7 years since I first met a boy so shy, but humble. We first met around the piano in his living room where I sat and played a couple of songs for him while he sang. I was absolutely amazed at his interpretation and obvious musical genius, especially since he was what, 14? I could tell then that he was something special, someone who could impact a huge number of people with his voice, if he decided to. 

Now, after several years of doing just that, from his experiences through American Idol all the way through his recent activities overseas, he has decided to use his voice in a different way. He will be sharing a message with folks to help bring them another step closer to having complete joy in their lives. You see, to be happy is a choice. We can all choose to be happy with our lot in life. But joy is different. We can’t just choose to have joy. It is something that we must experience in order to have it, something that comes from another place. It comes from something or someone other than ourself providing an experience that brings us joy. 

I know this is why so many continue to follow David. He brings joy into the lives of those around him. You can’t fight your smile away when he is singing or just being his own self. It’s infectious, completely infectious. I have seen his music bring so many to a better place. I teach all of the artists I work with that at the end of the day, people really don’t care what they hear… they care what they feel. David is as good as anyone at taking you to a different place and transporting the way you feel. 

 David will be entering the Missionary Training Center, and for the next two years, he will be sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ every single day (well, except “P” day). I am so excited for him! I remember standing just a few feet away on May 9, 2008 when he met President Thomas S. Monson at the Jazz game. President Monson asked him how old he was and if he wanted to serve a mission. Even then, right in the middle of his Idol experience, he expressed clearly that he wanted to serve a mission. President Monson then asked him to call him when he turned 19 and they would “talk about it”. He also said. “You can use your voice on your mission.”

I’m pretty sure they’ve talked, probably on several occasions. I can’t imagine that there was any pressure applied to David to serve a mission. We were all well aware of the good that he was doing through his music and charity work. In fact, it could be argued that he was already serving a mission by bringing people to the gospel just from the example he sets from the way he lives his life. But, serving a full time mission for two years is different. It’s a complete sacrifice for a young man or young woman to go out into the field, leave behind their life as they know it, start knocking on doors, and ask if you can share a message. He will face rejection more than he will acceptance. I’m sure he knows this. But, can you imagine the joy that he will experience, and the joy the investigators will experience when they invite him inside to share a message of hope, love, and joy? Imagine those folks, who have no idea who he is, that find an unremovable smile on their own faces. 

I know this has not been an easy decision for David, only because he has said that. But he understands our purpose in life is not for ourselves. It’s not all about us. Just look at everything he is stepping away from and it will give you a glimpse into the conviction that he knows he is making the right decision to serve a mission. I personally love having people in my life that live with passion and conviction, for anything. Someone who will stand for what they believe in, even at the risk of persecution. 

I have seen so many lives change for the better simply because he would never shy away about the fact that he was a mormon. But I have never seen him push the gospel on anyone. I’ve never seen him tell anyone that they should read the Book of Mormon or meet with the missionaries. He just kept sharing his music and his affable smile with all those who would listen and join him in his journey. This will change for the next two years and he will now get to directly see the fruits of his labors.

I don’t expect David to ever change. Since the day I first met him, serving others has always been important to him. When we went to hear him give a talk this past Sunday in Sacrament Meeting, he shared that some of his favorite experiences in his life were with some of his elderly neighbors when he would get to go and help them with whatever they needed, and in return he would get to hear all of the little stories from their life’s journeys. These are simple, precious moments. Moments that bring… joy. 

I, too, will miss the young man who has taught me and my family so much through example. I can say with complete surety that I am a better man for knowing him. Not because he is David Archuleta, but because he lives with the light of Christ and is completely unselfish in sharing that light. Two years will go quick, and I can’t help but be excited for those individuals and families that will have the opportunity to experience complete joy in their own lives because of his sacrifice. As I sat and listened to him sing “The Spirit of God” in both English and Spanish on Sunday, I felt the gratitude filling my heart from the moments we have shared in the past. Now, it’s someone else’s turn to enjoy the spirit this young man brings. We will love and support him as he follows his heart to share his love of the gospel and of our Savior and learns more about the direct correlation between sacrifice and joy. 

I leave you with the words of the closing hymn from Sunday’s meeting:

God be with you till we meet again;
By his counsels guide, uphold you;
With his sheep securely fold you.
God be with you till we meet again.

Till we meet, till we meet, Till we meet at Jesus’ feet, 
Till we meet, till we meet, God be with you till we meet again.

God be with you till we meet again;
When life’s perils thick confound you, 
Put his arms unfailing round you. 
God be with you till we meet again.

Till we meet, till we meet, Till we meet at Jesus’ feet, 
Till we meet, till we meet, God be with you till we meet again.

God be with you till we meet again;
Keep love’s banner floating o’er you;
Smite death’s threat’ning wave before you.
God be with you till we meet again.

Till we meet, till we meet, Till we meet at Jesus’ feet, 
Till we meet, till we meet, God be with you till we meet again.

Thank you for the continued support of David and Fans Of David!

Love y’all!

Rich Parkinson

If any of you want to learn a little more about what David will be teaching over the next two years, you are welcome to visit

Also, the 182nd Annual General Conference will be held this Saturday and Sunday. You can watch the conference in its entirety online. It’s a time we cherish and love as a family. Visit to learn more. 

Mission Farewell

Reblogged from

We have had a great weekend and today was no exception.
This morning we were blessed to be able to attend David Archuleta’s mission farewell.
My mom has become good friends with him over the past couple of years and we were excited to join her.
All I can say is how impressed I was when David spoke.
I felt the spirit so strong and I was brought to tears multiple times.
I was so amazed with how humble he was.
He has been blessed with so many opportunities but he has not let anything get to his head.
After David spoke he sang “The Spirit of God.”
I think everyone in the room was moved to tears.
I have said this before and I’ll say it again but I have NEVER met anyone who has such a clear, beautiful voice.
He is so gifted and he will make an incredible missionary.
After the musical number Elder Ballard spoke.
I felt so blessed to hear an Apostle of the Lord speak.
He spoke about how right before the farewell he had been with all of the apostles and the Prophet.
He told David that they all sent David their best wishes, support and prayers.
How amazing would it feel to have that?
All in all it was an incredible meeting and I couldn’t stop thinking about how grateful I was that we could be there.
I felt like I learned so much and I definitely learned a lot about what I need to do to become a better person.
It also helped me realize what was truly important in life and never to take anyone or anything for granted.
That’s all for now!

FOREVERMORE. David and Filipino music.

I have always hoped David Archuleta would sing some OPM songs and maybe have a duet with my favorite singers – Gary Valenciano, Lea Salonga, Regine Velazquez. When David named Regine as one of his favorite Filipino singers during his first visit in the country last 2009, I have hoped and prayed he will get to meet her and sing with her.

When news came out that David will star in a mini-series with TV5, that hope turned into reality. During our interview with TV5 days before he arrived, Naree and I were informed that David will be singing the theme song for the show. We didn’t know then what the title of the show would be. That was soon answered during the pocket presscon on the day David arrived – the mini-series will be called Nandito Ako. We did not only get an OPM song, but a Tagalog song! And we got a treat during the presscon with him singing a bit of the song!

During the taping of the concert scene for Nandito Ako last February 3, David did not only give us a treat of hearing Nandito Ako live for the first time, he also sang 2 other OPM songs – from a well loved duo, South Border – Wherever You Are and Rainbow! I have never heard of Wherever You Are before, but hearing it for the first time from David had me in tears.

The week before David left for Singapore, the wonderful meeting with his favorite Filipino singer, Regine Velazquez, and the original singer of Nandito Ako, Ogie Alcasid, finally happened. For those who did not know, Regine is married to Ogie. Here’s the picture posted by Ogie via Twitter. They spent the afternoon jamming in a studio (hopin’ for a collaboration)

Regine, David, Ogie - Awesome meeting of great artists

When news broke out that David will be back in the Philippines after his visit to Singapore, rumors started that he will be recording an album of OPM songs. The man himself soon confirmed this:

An OPM album!

Within the same day, news came out of an album signing – the Forevermore album. Eeeeek! That’s one of my favorite songs by one of the best Filipino bands, Side A!

Forevermore signing... A Valentine treat!

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. A Valentine’s gift. David’s Valentine’s gift to Filipino fans is an album of Filipino love songs and a signing the eve of Valentine’s day. <3

As a gift to David, Kricket and I bought CDs from the best Filipino artists we knew – Side A, Gary Valenciano, Bamboo, Rivermaya.

Best OPM albums

I pre-ordered 14 CDs for international fans and local fans outside the Metro who ordered through me via Twitter the day before.

CD inlays for the signing

When it was my turn, my only hope was that I get a picture with David while he is signing my CD inlays. I got way better than that. Cherry Mariano’s video caught most of my interaction with David (Thanks Cherry!) I trimmed the video. Here’s my 1 minute with the man :) You can partially see his reaction to our gift (Have you listened to them already, David?) and the time it took him to sign all 14 CD inlays :) (I got help from the Astro people and security to get the CD inlays ready for him to sign) I got to tell him that the CDs are for international and local fans who could not make it. He looked up and smiled appreciatively at me :)

If anyone is wondering who are the girls singing loudly in the background, they are the wonderful, pretty ladies of Archuleta Philippines!

Lovely AP girls

And here is my picture with David (he was too busy signing the many CD inlays to look up). Thank you for the picture, Ferj!

David signing my 14 CD inlays :)

On February 15, a presscon for the new album ensued. Some of the songs that will be on the album were revealed – Forevermore (of course), You Are My Song, I’ll Never Go, Reaching Out, Rainbow, Tell Me, Hold On – songs that I grew up with. OHMIGOSH!!! And David singing a Gary Valenciano original (Reaching Out)? I’m in heaven!

David was given a plaque of appreciation on the same event for doing an OPM album :)

Ogie presenting the plaque to David

Read the full coverage on TDC.

It would take over a month for the CD to officially come out. During this time, I volunteered to take orders for the CD from international fans and fans outside Metro Manila to help them get a copy of the CD (in addition to those I got from Feb 12th). I got a total of 45 orders from fans not only from US and Canada, but from Denmark and Romania as well. Wow! I was supposed to travel to Canada/US mid-March to mid-April and my plan was to bring the CDs and mail them from US/Canada. The trip got moved, unfortunately, but I did not panic coz my friend from the office was travelling, too. He agreed to bring the CDs when he leaves on March 24th.

I think Ivory Music somehow knew how anxious the fans were to hear new music from David. On March 8th,  ‘Forevermore’ was released on as a digital exclusive. Within days, the song got a red hot tag and topped My Music Store’s chart. On March 16th, ‘Nandito Ako’ was released as a digital exclusive as well. Through the efforts of Archuleta Philippines and the generosity of fans, both songs were gifted to international fans and everyone else who had no access to purchase both songs. It is no surprise that both songs quickly rose to the top of the chart:

Top Charter

Soon, news was out that Forevermore will be released officially on March 26. Since my friend who will bring the CDs is leaving on the 24th, we had to do something to get the CDs earlier than the 26th. Our friends from Ivory Music and Astroplus made it happen. On March 23 around 5 PM, the amazing JackRyan got hold of the 65 CDs we ordered – 45 through me, 15 through JackRyan and 10 through Naree.

Here are scans of the CD jacket and songbook from JackRyan:

Forevermore cover
Inside the CD sleeve
Songbook pp 1-2
Songbook pp 3-4
Songbook pp 5-6
Songbook pp 7-8
Songbook pp 9-10

David’s Thank You note to fans:

“Thank you for letting me try new things, and supporting me through it all. The journey would not exist without the relationship I’ve made with all of you. What you all do has exceeded beyond my imagination when it comes to the love and support you can show, and it means the world.”

On the same night, after the Nandito Ako finale, Archuleta Philippines c/o Kricket hosted a Forevermore Listening Party. The entire album was SOOOOOO GOOD. It was full of win! For those who missed it, it was recorded here.

The CDs!!!

Forevermore CDs on my bed

I spent the night packing the CDs to be brought by my friend to the US. It was past 4 AM when I slept, I was tired but it was worth it! By 9 AM, I was up ready to bring the CDs to my friend. He was amazed at all the packages I brought him. But I did not hear of any complain. In fact, he even asked me to send him my tracking spreadsheet so he can use it to track when he mails them out. Haha! What a supportive friend!

We then got an email from an Ivory Music executive that the CDs are out already in selected stores in the Metro primarily for those who pre-ordered.  So I went to Astroplus in Megamall to see if anything was already on display for Foreveremore. There they were, beautifully arranged in three rows right above Lea Salonga’s albums :)

Love seeing Forevermore in Music stores

In addition to the official release of Forevermore to Astroplus and Odyssey stores nationwide on Monday, March 26, there will be a fan gathering at Astroplus in The Block and at Odyssey in SM Megamall on March 31st, as announced by Ivory Music. The Forevermore Music Video will be released on the same gathering! Did you hear that Filipino Archies?! David has more in store for us. We should get our voting fingers ready to get the Forevermore Music Video to the #1 spots on both MYX Int’l Top 20 & Pop MYX.

I hope the CD reaps a Platinum award while David is away so that when he comes back to the Philippines in 2014, he will get his Platinum plaque :)

Fearless forecast from JackRyan:

JR's Fearless Forecast

Let me end this post with a copy of my favorite Filipino singer’s response when I tagged him in my tweet about my favorite song, Reaching Out, that he and David sang:

Oh Gary