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Jasmine, proud of David Archuleta (English Translation)

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Jasmine David Eula

Anne Curtis is so sweet to her younger sister, Jasmine Curtis Smith.

Even if Anne is with another network (Kapamilya), she is fully supportive of Jas especially with her new mini-series at TV5  with David Archuleta.

Every night before Nandito Ako starts, Anne would tweet her Twitter followers to remind them to watch the show.

“Nandito Ako to support you no matter what J I love you forever and forever!!!!” was Anne’s tweet to Jas before Nandito Ako premiered on Monday night.

She happily said on Twitter, “Yahoo! Nandito Ako is trending. It hasn’t even aired yet!! Go, baby go!! Please excuse me, I’m a proud Ate (older sister)!”

Apart from the Philippines and worldwide, Nandito Ako also trended on its pilot episode in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and US.

Anne congratulated the cast and crew of the show especially Direk Mac Alejandre for the [success of the show as indicated by the] many advertisements placed during the show.

Last Tuesday, Anne tweeted her younger sister saying “Anya, you’re so pretty in your ponytail!! Your Tagalog is very good!!!”

Anya is the name of Jas’ character in Nandito Ako. David is Josh. Anne can’t wait for Anya and Josh to meet.

Ogie Alcasid who originally sang the hit OPM ballad was happy that [the song] trended [on Twitter].

He tweeted on Monday. “Thank you, Mr. David Archuleta and to his legions of followers for making Nandito Ako trend after 23 years. Aaron Paul del Rosario, congrats!”

David responded, “So cool it trended! Thank you and Mr. Aaron Paul for letting me sing a great classic OPM song, and for your kindness.”

David (who is now back in the States) was happy that a lot of people enjoyed watching his first mini-series.

“Glad to see that you guys enjoyed the pilot episode of Nandito Ako! Thanks for all of your support!” Archuleta said in his tweet.


Jasmine Curtis Smith and Eula Caballero felt lucky and honored to be working with David Archuleta in Nandito Ako.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to work as one of the leading ladies for David Archuleta in the show. I am overwhelmed.”

“Until now, I wake up each day wondering, ‘Is this true? Am I in a dream?’”

“I never imagined that this will happen to me. Especially since I am quite new in the industry.”

“Working with David is such a pleasure. He’s so light and easy to work with. And he’s really willing to listen and to grow and to adjust to whatever needs to be done.

“He is willing to do anything. He won’t stop shooting a scene until he has given it his best.”

“We are all proud of him. We saw his progress in the 3 weeks that we worked with him,” shared by 17-year old Jas, who went back to Melbourne, Australia to continue with her studies.

What would you remember most in working with the American Idol alumnus?

“Everything. All of us enjoyed working with him, his singing on the set, his jolly mood.”

“He is so much fun to be with. As a person, as a friend, as a co-actor, we really won’t forget him,” shared smilingly by the pretty lass.


1st Star Factor winner Eula Caballero is thankful that she was chosen to star [the show] with David Archuleta, especially since a lot of people have been asking when TV5 will give her a break. Ritz Azul, the runner up of the reality show, already had her break.

“I’m very happy that TV5 allowed me to grow first before they gave me this [opportunity]. They have been so good to me. They allowed me to go through other things first before giving this to me.”

“And now, Jas and I were given this chance to work with David Archuleta. I am very happy. And David was such a good actor.”

“This is his first time to act in a mini-series. I must say he is a natural.”

“When we do a scene and he felt that he was not able to give it his all, he would request for another take.”

“He wants to give his best in every scene. I am so impressed with him,” shared the 16-year old Kapatid star.

Eula will not forget David’s singing on the set of Nandito Ako. It is among the things she will miss now that David is back in the States.

Nandito Ako is shown every night after Wil Time Bigtime.

Eula Caballero sheds tears as David Archuleta says goodbye – English translation

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Eula Caballero sheds tears as David Archuleta says goodbye


It was a touching goodbye for Eula Caballero and David Archuleta at the set of TV5 mini-series Nandito Ako.

Eula relayed to (Philippine Entertainment Portal), “What I appreciate most was the depth of his character.”

“It started with light conversations. ‘How are you, have you slept well?’

“‘Then we started talking about family… then you find out the kind of person he is.

“I also asked him about his mission.”

Eula was referring to David’s two-year mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The young Kapatid actress continued, “He said, ‘I’m happy to do this for my religion.’ [He said] It makes him whole.”

“He also said, ‘It’s just making me sad because I’m afraid that everyone might move on with their lives without me.’

“And that we should get used to not having him around since two years is a long time.”

“Especially for his sisters, one of his sister is turning sixteen, the other one will join junior high, he said, ‘I wish I could be there with them when that happens.’

“I said, ‘Oh, my God!'”

“I was in tears when he said that coz he, too, got teary-eyed.”

Eula added, “He has such a deep personality, he has so much on his mind… his family.”

“‘He said he has one more month before he goes on his mission and he wanted to spend it in Philippines since he has come to love the country.

“I said, ‘Yeah, of course! We would be happy.'”

“I also told him, ‘TV5 would love that you can do guestings in other shows.’

“‘He said, ‘I’d love to but I just want to spend it with my family in Utah.'”

Eula said she will miss David.

“So much!” she added.

“Then on our first night in Batangas, he again got teary eyed and said, ‘I’m gonna miss this, guys.’”

“‘We’ve been like taping every day, we’re filming every day and we’re together every day, we’ve been together lunch break and dinner break and all that.’

 “‘He said, ‘I’m gonna miss this because I know you guys have other projects to do after this…’ and  he said eventually our attention will be diverted to other things.

 “He continued, ‘But me, I’m just gonna miss this and I hope I can see you guys again.’

 “I said, ‘Oh David, you’ll be very missed by us.”