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NANDITO AKO Viewing Party and Raffle

To celebrate the much loved Nandito Ako mini-series, Archuleta Philippines organized a Viewing Party for the final episode last Friday, March 23, and it was such a blast!

The party was held at the Go Hotel in Pioneer, Mandaluyong. It was attended by at least 20 very excited fans :)

archuletaphils peeps
Just before the show started :)
Wearing our NA/bench shirts

Different ‘TEAM’s were represented.

Team Holly! Well, I was the only person in the room when I took this pic. But my Team Holly girls – Kricket, Annie, Naree, Ree, etc – joined me in spirit LOL

Team Holly corner...because I can put that poster up where I want to LOL

Team Chillosh!

Team Chillosh

Team Onya I mean Jonya!


Once the show started, the group settled down. LOOK AT THOSE FACES!

During the show

During commercial, the group turned into a rowdy bunch! Crying, laughing, jumping, clapping,  spazzing, squeeling… NAME IT!

During commercials

At the end of the show, when WAKAS came on, everyone cheered, clapped and gave the show – the cast and crew – a STANDING O! I hope somebody captured that moment, it was so awesome!

To THANK THE FANS for their love, support and endless promotion for Nandito Ako, TV5 donated the shirts David wore on Nandito Ako – cemetery scene, ‘lampa’ scene, stay at Anya’s house, visit to Anya, mall scene, beach scene, kite scene, etc -,  Nandito Ako shirts and Nandito Ako pillows.

Shirts worn by David as Josh on Nandito Ako

10 NA pillows, 2 NA shirts and 1 JB shirt (from lampa scene) were raffled off to the 20 attendees of the Viewing Party.

Raffle Prizes
Lucky raffle winners

The GRAND WINNER was TIN! Uh oh, someone’s not happy in this pic. Ha ha! Congratulations, girl!

Grand winner!

Winners for the #napromo via Twitter will be picked soon by Archuleta Philippines in coordination with TV5 .

THANK YOU TV5, Mr. Perci Intalan, Ms JoAnn Banaga, Ms Ana Feleo, Ms Risa Guilas, Direk Mac Alejandre and everyone who made Nandito Ako possible! WHAT AN AWESOME RIDE IT WAS


Great commentary on Nandito Ako :)

Originally posted on jules explains it all:

I may be a hardcore Kapamilya, but for the past week or so I’ve been watching Nandito Ako, the TV5 miniserye starring American Idol season seven runner-up David Archuleta (aka Archie) who plays singer Josh Bradley. I’ve been a fan since I watched a video of him singing the Jennifer Holliday hit “And I Am Telling You” on YouTube months before he first auditioned for the show. So when I learned he would be doing Nandito Ako for TV5, I knew I had to watch the pilot episode. Somehow, despite my packed schedule, I managed to watch not just the pilot, but the four episodes that followed it. Here’s a recap of what happened in Josh Bradley’s world during the show’s first week.

Looking for love

Josh is a wildly popular Filipino-American singer, and the pilot begins with a scene from his Manila concert. In that scene, Josh tells the…

View original 3,081 more words

Mega Promo Weekend for Nandito Ako

It is the first weekend since David left the Philippines. It has also been a week since Nandito Ako aired. What abetter way to spend the weekend than to go out and promote David’s show!

A week ago, I dropped by TV5’s office to pick up hundreds of posters and flyers for Archuleta Philippines to use to help promote the show.  As early as Sunday last week, Naree started distributing them to members of Archuleta Philippines to distribute to potential viewers.

Nandito Ako posters
Nandito Ako flyers

Archuleta Philippines also embarked on a Promotional Power Campaign for Nandito Ako and created materials in addition to the posters and flyers that others can download and print themselves for the promotion (design c/o Kricket and Ferj).

Archuleta Philippines promo materials

And Archuleta Philippines even made the campaign more exciting by releasing this announcement to die-hard, hard core promoters of Nandito Ako:

If you feel like you’ve already been doing your best to promote Nandito Ako, then this is probably good news for you. A reward may be on its way!

AP, in coordination w TV5, is giving away special archustuffs, and A SPECIAL GRAND PRIZE for winners to our “NANDITO AKO TODO PROMOTE!” contest. Watch out for our post on this later today, and you may just win something from JOSH BRADLEY himself. *Wink*. (Hint: When you do all of the above suggestions for promotions, make sure you document it – take a video or picture. Who knows, you may be our lucky winner!) Be sure to follow us @archuletaphils @kricket_rc234!

If you haven’t done your part yet, then better get your fangirl mode on and power campaign for David!

So, here I am documenting my weekend of non-stop, shameless promotion of Nandito Ako. It was so much fun seeing the reaction of the people I’ve talked and how many of them wanted more copies once they saw who was on the show ;)

1) Posters outside tricycles (a motorcyle with a sidecar, often used as mode of transportation in the Philippines for short distances) – I got these tricycle drivers to help me put up the posters at the back of their tricycles. They even asked me for more posters that they can share with their buddies.

Tricycle in Agoo
Tricycle in Aringay

2) Flyers inside Tricycles

Flyer in Trike1
Flyer inside Trike2
Had Mr Trike Driver distribute the flyers

3) Posters in Shops

At a computer shop
At Ice Cream Haus

3) At bus stops

Bus stop

4) In buses

On our way to Sand Fernando, La Union and Baguio, JackRyan and I had the bus conductor put up posters inside the bus near the entrance/exit.

In provincial buses

5) In events – Panagbenga Festival (Flower Festival) in Baguio

Knowing how hundreds of thousands of people, local and international visitors, flock Baguio during its annual Flower Festival (also known as Panagbenga) , JackRyan and I went up to Baguio to share in the festivities and spread the word about Nandito Ako. We targeted those who were taking pictures with TV5’s float and they were excited about the show when they found out David Archuleta is on it. Some even asked for multiple bookmarks as keepsakes.

Gave away AP's Nandito Ako bookmarks by TV5's float
Explaining Nandito Ako to potential viewers
"I wanna watch Nandito Ako!"
Getting friendly with Panagbenga visitors

We also targeted the ice cream vendors since they move around a lot and people can easily spot the posters when they buy from them.

Nestle Ice Cream vendor
Selecta Ice Cream Vendor

6) And even at home

My welcome to our visitors LOL

It was a tiring yet productive weekend. Hopefully, everyone we talked to will start tuning in to Nandito Ako this Monday. They’re in for a treat – David Archuleta in bunny suit!

More to come… Peace!

Thanks TV5!

Jasmine, proud of David Archuleta (English Translation)

Read the original post here Abante Tonite.

Jasmine David Eula

Anne Curtis is so sweet to her younger sister, Jasmine Curtis Smith.

Even if Anne is with another network (Kapamilya), she is fully supportive of Jas especially with her new mini-series at TV5  with David Archuleta.

Every night before Nandito Ako starts, Anne would tweet her Twitter followers to remind them to watch the show.

“Nandito Ako to support you no matter what J I love you forever and forever!!!!” was Anne’s tweet to Jas before Nandito Ako premiered on Monday night.

She happily said on Twitter, “Yahoo! Nandito Ako is trending. It hasn’t even aired yet!! Go, baby go!! Please excuse me, I’m a proud Ate (older sister)!”

Apart from the Philippines and worldwide, Nandito Ako also trended on its pilot episode in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and US.

Anne congratulated the cast and crew of the show especially Direk Mac Alejandre for the [success of the show as indicated by the] many advertisements placed during the show.

Last Tuesday, Anne tweeted her younger sister saying “Anya, you’re so pretty in your ponytail!! Your Tagalog is very good!!!”

Anya is the name of Jas’ character in Nandito Ako. David is Josh. Anne can’t wait for Anya and Josh to meet.

Ogie Alcasid who originally sang the hit OPM ballad was happy that [the song] trended [on Twitter].

He tweeted on Monday. “Thank you, Mr. David Archuleta and to his legions of followers for making Nandito Ako trend after 23 years. Aaron Paul del Rosario, congrats!”

David responded, “So cool it trended! Thank you and Mr. Aaron Paul for letting me sing a great classic OPM song, and for your kindness.”

David (who is now back in the States) was happy that a lot of people enjoyed watching his first mini-series.

“Glad to see that you guys enjoyed the pilot episode of Nandito Ako! Thanks for all of your support!” Archuleta said in his tweet.


Jasmine Curtis Smith and Eula Caballero felt lucky and honored to be working with David Archuleta in Nandito Ako.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to work as one of the leading ladies for David Archuleta in the show. I am overwhelmed.”

“Until now, I wake up each day wondering, ‘Is this true? Am I in a dream?’”

“I never imagined that this will happen to me. Especially since I am quite new in the industry.”

“Working with David is such a pleasure. He’s so light and easy to work with. And he’s really willing to listen and to grow and to adjust to whatever needs to be done.

“He is willing to do anything. He won’t stop shooting a scene until he has given it his best.”

“We are all proud of him. We saw his progress in the 3 weeks that we worked with him,” shared by 17-year old Jas, who went back to Melbourne, Australia to continue with her studies.

What would you remember most in working with the American Idol alumnus?

“Everything. All of us enjoyed working with him, his singing on the set, his jolly mood.”

“He is so much fun to be with. As a person, as a friend, as a co-actor, we really won’t forget him,” shared smilingly by the pretty lass.


1st Star Factor winner Eula Caballero is thankful that she was chosen to star [the show] with David Archuleta, especially since a lot of people have been asking when TV5 will give her a break. Ritz Azul, the runner up of the reality show, already had her break.

“I’m very happy that TV5 allowed me to grow first before they gave me this [opportunity]. They have been so good to me. They allowed me to go through other things first before giving this to me.”

“And now, Jas and I were given this chance to work with David Archuleta. I am very happy. And David was such a good actor.”

“This is his first time to act in a mini-series. I must say he is a natural.”

“When we do a scene and he felt that he was not able to give it his all, he would request for another take.”

“He wants to give his best in every scene. I am so impressed with him,” shared the 16-year old Kapatid star.

Eula will not forget David’s singing on the set of Nandito Ako. It is among the things she will miss now that David is back in the States.

Nandito Ako is shown every night after Wil Time Bigtime.

Eula Caballero sheds tears as David Archuleta says goodbye – English translation

Read original post on PEP.Ph

Eula Caballero sheds tears as David Archuleta says goodbye


It was a touching goodbye for Eula Caballero and David Archuleta at the set of TV5 mini-series Nandito Ako.

Eula relayed to (Philippine Entertainment Portal), “What I appreciate most was the depth of his character.”

“It started with light conversations. ‘How are you, have you slept well?’

“‘Then we started talking about family… then you find out the kind of person he is.

“I also asked him about his mission.”

Eula was referring to David’s two-year mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The young Kapatid actress continued, “He said, ‘I’m happy to do this for my religion.’ [He said] It makes him whole.”

“He also said, ‘It’s just making me sad because I’m afraid that everyone might move on with their lives without me.’

“And that we should get used to not having him around since two years is a long time.”

“Especially for his sisters, one of his sister is turning sixteen, the other one will join junior high, he said, ‘I wish I could be there with them when that happens.’

“I said, ‘Oh, my God!'”

“I was in tears when he said that coz he, too, got teary-eyed.”

Eula added, “He has such a deep personality, he has so much on his mind… his family.”

“‘He said he has one more month before he goes on his mission and he wanted to spend it in Philippines since he has come to love the country.

“I said, ‘Yeah, of course! We would be happy.'”

“I also told him, ‘TV5 would love that you can do guestings in other shows.’

“‘He said, ‘I’d love to but I just want to spend it with my family in Utah.'”

Eula said she will miss David.

“So much!” she added.

“Then on our first night in Batangas, he again got teary eyed and said, ‘I’m gonna miss this, guys.’”

“‘We’ve been like taping every day, we’re filming every day and we’re together every day, we’ve been together lunch break and dinner break and all that.’

 “‘He said, ‘I’m gonna miss this because I know you guys have other projects to do after this…’ and  he said eventually our attention will be diverted to other things.

 “He continued, ‘But me, I’m just gonna miss this and I hope I can see you guys again.’

 “I said, ‘Oh David, you’ll be very missed by us.”

BTS: The Dream Sequence

January 26 – Naree and I went to meet JR for a trip to the Nandito Ako set. We went with @Amee_and_Sam and her daughter who came all the way from Bicol to see David (LOL, I think she was sent for work).

We couldn’t decide what to buy for the staff and crew, so we bought:

  • Mamon from Pan de Manila for the crew
  • Mango Bravo cake from Contis for David
  • Cupcakes by Sonja for David, Eula, Direk and Kari

JR also brought special siopao for the group. It was the BEST SIOPAO I ever tasted. (And I heard MyDearWriter liked it a lot!)

What the cupcakes looked like (cr google images)
The cake that we ended up eating instead (cr google images)
Not your usual siopao
Found out that in the set the previous day, a lot of fans brought Mango Bravo for David. So we decided to eat the cake instead! LOL Yes, we ate the cake in the car on the way to the set somewhere in a village in Marikina.
When we got to the location, they were shooting a scene of Josh and Holly’s date. They were walking, talking. We heard the part where Josh asked Holly if she sings, then she laughed saying ‘hwag baka umulan’.
Then, in preparation for the next scene, Direk Mac showed David how to eat balut. There are no words to describe the look on David’s face when Direk showed him what’s inside the shell. Thanks Kari for this pic right before Direk actually opened the balut
How to eat balut
While waiting to shoot their next scene, Eula and David sat talking on the set. At one point, David looked our way and smiled recognizing us.
While shooting the next scene, we got to stand behind Direk Mac and watch the scene from the monitors. Gosh, Josh and Holly looked so good together! I was late in going back to where Naree and JR were since I had to wait for someone in the crew who helped get me a cup of water. Dang, David briefly talked to Naree and JR while I was away asking them how they got to the set.
On one side of the location, we noticed that the swing was decorated with flowers. Someone in the set told us that it was for the dream sequence. What?! We  got excited. It would be Holly’s dream, they said.
Preparing for the dream sequence
David and Eula left the set to change. Yes, for the dream sequence.
Unfortunately, we were not able to watch the scene up close since David requested to have everyone leave the scene except the cast and crew. LOL David didn’t want us to see them shoot the next scene. Someone in the crew told us that David did not want to do the scene originally. So some negotiations were done – they will let David have the scene he requested (my guess – inviting the fans to the concert scene) if he did the dream sequence. We all know David got what he wanted :)
We had to move far back. But we still had a good view of the set :)
Discussing the dream sequence
They shot the scene several times from different angles. And everytime the scene is cut, David would burst into laughter.  Ha ha! It was as if he was caught doing something naughty LOL
 After the dream sequence, we decided to call it a night. We briefly talked to Eula and had some pictures taken. I’m still waiting for Naree to share me a copy of our picture with Eula :)
And here’s Eula having late dinner from that night :)
Late dinner for Eula

I Can’t NOT Come Back

What a great article! Kudos to Rowena Joy Sanchez of Manila Bulletin.

Original article: David Archuleta on the joy and art of acting

February 6, 2012, 11:06am
Honorary Pinoy? David Archuleta, who recorded the OPM classic 'Nandito Ako' for his mini-series, has grown to love Filipinos, their warmth, hospitality, and delicacies like laing, halo-halo, adobo, and turones (Photo by ROWENA JOY A. SANCHEZ)
Honorary Pinoy? David Archuleta, who recorded the OPM classic ‘Nandito Ako’ for his mini-series, has grown to love Filipinos, their warmth, hospitality, and delicacies like laing, halo-halo, adobo, and turones (Photo by ROWENA JOY A. SANCHEZ)

MANILA, Philippines – Three weeks in the country seem like a short time, but it was enough for David Archuleta to gain heightened interest in acting.

Shooting painstakingly for 15 days for his forthcoming TV5 mini-series “Nandito Ako”—his major acting debut—was “one of the best experiences I’ve ever had,” declared the “American Idol” Season 7 runner-up during the press conference for the said show last Feb. 4.

“I’m just looking forward to do more… It’s been so fun. I’m not the greatest actor, and this is a very new thing for me, but I can’t wait to keep going. It’s a lot of work; it takes a lot of people to make something like this happen. But this is something that I would love to keep working on. This is a great thing to share to people,” said Archuleta.

Reeled in by reluctance

It wasn’t exactly the case at the beginning. Archuleta admitted that he was reluctant to take on the project, given that he’s not “much of an actor,” having appeared simply as himself on US teen shows “Hannah Montana” and “iCarly.” He likewise had concerns about being away from home.

His acquiescence to the project had apparently paid off, with Archuleta realizing that “it’s exactly what I needed.”

“[Acting] has taught me a lot about myself as a person, which is weird because I really didn’t expect that at all,” he admitted.

He continued: “Looking back and just going through it each day, it’s been so worth it… just getting to know the people and getting challenged and trying to act and express [feelings] in a way other than just music. Acting is very much an art. I appreciate and respect even more the actors and actresses in what they have to do and what they have to accomplish in order to bring out something that people could feel and understand.”

Recognized for his soulful, heart-tugging singing style, Archuleta found himself stepping out of his comfort zone, playing the role of Josh Bradley on “Nandito Ako,” a Filipino-American international singer who returns to the Philippines to search for the missing pieces of his true identity.

“This is one of those things that I’ve been able to mature and grow up with and be able to say that even though this is not something I can normally do or I don’t know if I’m good enough, I’m wiling to take on the challenge.

“It was hard to get comfortable being open and emotional in front of others at first… but whether it’s being happy or angry or sad, you couldn’t hold back or else you wouldn’t give something to the audience and they wouldn’t feel the story,” he related.

The 21-year-old idol is grateful to his fellow cast members, including his leading ladies Jasmine Curtis Smith and Eula Caballero, who’ve been like a family to him.

“They’ve taken me in, they made me feel comfortable, even though I’d be like, ‘Oh, I’m not a good actor!’ They’ve just been so patient with me and always so supportive and encouraging. It helped me do better in my participation in the series.”

“Everyone here on TV5 and on the cast of ‘Nandito Ako,’ they’ve been the ones who I’ve just grown very close to… and I’m going to really miss them. I’m planning to come back [to the Philippines]. I can’t not come back. I just had too much of a great time,” said Archuleta.

He noted his co-star Ana Feleo, his acting coach, as “the one who really made the magic happen for me in coming out of my shell… and to be able to jump into the scene and be not afraid to let go.”

A blessing to others

Although his schedule had been packed since his arrival on Jan. 13—taping for the series, interacting with his fans during mall shows, as well as at his grand fans’ day last Feb. 4—the singer-songwriter made time for some philanthropic activities.

Last Jan. 29, he made a surprise visit to the children sponsored by ChildFund Philippines, the local arm of ChildFund International, with which Archuleta had teamed up during his “My Kind Of Christmas” US tour. The said group encourages individuals to sponsor children who have very little to zero access to food, education, and medicine. Archuleta himself sponsors a child from his mother Lupe’s home country, Honduras.

“We had some free time in the morning and went over to meet some of the kids who’ve been sponsored in the Philippines and see how it’s affected their lives, what they’ve been able to learn, how it’s affected their family as well, and just got to talk to them. It was touching, it was really powerful to get to meet them,” he recalled.

As he shifts to a new chapter in his life—a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—Archuleta vowed to make his presence felt by his fans through the songs, which would be released while he’s away. He will resume recording as soon as he returns to the US.

“I don’t wanna leave my fans with nothing. I feel like that will be so disrespectful after everything they’ve done to support me,” he maintained.

Archuleta discreetly left the Philippines for Singapore on Sunday morning for some engagements. He will purportedly return to Manila in the same week to fulfill his remaining commitments.

The primetime series “Nandito Ako” premieres Feb. 20.

What a Grand Day!

It was the most anticipated day of David Archuleta’s 3-week stay in the Philippines – the culmination of all the hard work David has put into making his first real acting project and the day fans get to show David how much they love and support him.

My Kind of Perfect

David performed this well-loved song much to the delight of the fans (video taken by @jackryan4DA)


Interview with Eula and Jasmine

Eula and Jasmine joined David onstage for a mini-Q&A.

Another view of the interview that shows David doing the dougie at the end


Nandito Ako Trailer

We did not expect it and neither did David, Jasmine and Eula, but TV5 premiered the Nandito Ako trailer during the Grand Fans Day.  It was a real treat to share the excitement of watching the trailer the first time with David, Jasmine and Eula <3

I love this version from Ustream as it showed David’s reaction while watching the trailer. I also tried to watch David from my seat and I could see him laughing and giggling at times… some during the romantic scenes, some when David is crying.  Gosh, what a mess I was! My tears kept flowing uncontrollably not only because of the story that slowly unfolded before our eyes, I was SO PROUD OF DAVID! Who knew David would be SOOOOO GOOD in acting. He was such a natural, like what Mac Alejandre kept on saying about David on Twitter. None of his acting in his scenes looked forced. DAVID THE ACTOR HAS ARRIVED! And I wasn’t alone in that sentiment. All the fans in the cinema squeed in unison and everywhere I looked, I saw misty eyes :)

Here’s a clearer view taken by @ascphil:

Archuleta Philippines’ Tribute and Pledge

For weeks, Archuleta Philippines has been planning a sendoff tribute for David. We did not know how we are going to present it to David at that time. We just went on planning and preparing for it. We knew somehow we’ll find a way to show our tribute to him.

Our initial plan was to sing a medley of David’s songs plus an adaptation of Nandito Ako to tell him how we will always be here even if he’s gone for two years. A week before Grand Fans Day, TV5 graciously gave us 4 minutes to perform for David. Since we only had limited time, we decided to just sing an adaptation of the whole Nandito Ako song. As we practiced the full song for the first time after the mall tour in MOA, emotions ran high knowing that this will be our only chance to let David know how much we support and love him before he leaves for his mission.

I am so glad Ustream captured our performance and David’s reaction while watching us.

David got teary-eyed which made us even more emotional during the song. We could hardly sing, but it did not matter. David heard our message <3

David watching our presentation (cr @madelasuncion)

Here’s a video from another angle where you see more of Archuleta Philippines performing. At the 5:00 mark, @kricket_rc234 handed over to David the Certificate for the adoption of 21 trees planted  in his name and a CD copy of our tribute video showing how Archuleta Philippines celebrated his 21st birthday last December 28, 2011 – we planted 21 trees, we packed relief goods for typhoon victims and we had a mini birthday celebration for him! (cr. seceew)

Here’s a copy of the tribute video :

The lyrics that were given to David

Nandito Kami

It was such an emotionally fulfilling experience for all of us. Thank you, David!


Talentadong Pinoy Taping

Right after Grand Fans Day in Megamall, we rushed to Skydome in SM North Edsa where David was to tape a performance at Talentadong Pinoy.

David first sang Nandito Ako (to be aired on February 5). He looked so handsome in his suit.

The performance as aired on TV5.

He next sang Wherever You Are (to be aired on February 19).

This was a first time for many of us, to join the audience during the taping of a show. Only for David. Ha ha!


Press Launch

We tried to go to Meralco Fitness Center to hopefully watch the Press Launch live. However, it was a by invitation event so the group decided to watch it via livestream instead.

Along with @nareejo, @jackryan4DA, @kricket_rc234, @KarissaCortez, @carlacharisse, @feeshda and @cmaecy, we went to Persiana for dinner. We watched the Press Launch from @jackryan4DA’s laptop and from our iPhones.

David sang Nandito Ako flawlessly for the press. We also got to see the cast sing Nandito Ako at the start. What a lovely cast!

Thank you again, Mr. Preci Intalan and the TV5 management for believing in David and for engaging the fans throughout the entire process.

Can’t wait to watch Nandito Ako. It will be a big hit. I know it for sure :)

Archuleta Philippines cr. Marion Chong

DAVID ARCHULETA in Manila 2012 Day 1 (01-13-2012) – Epic Welcome from Team Airport

What a great opportunity for Filipino fans to see more of David before he leaves for his mission.


A few days before David’s arrival, TV5 contacted Archuleta Philippines for an interview with some fans to be featured on their website. It was a last minute thing so not many were available. The interview was at TV5’s office at Global City so only @Nareejo and I made it. The interview was focused on how we became fans, what we liked about David, what we thought about David’s new stint  with TV5 and our message for him.


For weeks, Archuleta Philippines spent hours and hours of planning via YM, text, email, phonecalls to get fans organized to meet David when he arrived at the airport. @Jackryan4DA,@ascphil, @Nareejo,@Kricket_234 and myself were among those painstakingly planning how to get it all together. @Ferjiperj came up with designs and had new banners printed for this special event (we all saw how great those banners were!).

For days, Kricket and I were swamped with twitter and text messages of fans eager to join Team Airport to welcome David and Kari.

The night before his arrival, some of us stayed overnight at my place since I live close to the meeting place – Wendy’s along Boni Edsa. We chose that location not because it’s near my place (LOL) but because it’s in the center for majority of us.

With @ferjiperj @carlacharisse @KarissaCortez and @jackryan4DA (behind the cam)

We slept at around 1:00 AM. We were up by 2:00 AM to get ready (only 1 hour of sleep!). We met the rest of Team Airport at Wendy’s at around 4:15 AM. There was 70+ of us and 5 vans were waiting to get us to the airport. (One funny thing while we were on our way to the airport, a guy from a show in TV5 texted me asking if we were already at the airport and if I could let him know if David has arrived since he and his group are still in transit quite far from the airport.)

The group lined up carrying our welcome banners for David. Within minutes, camera men and reporters of TV5 took pictures and videos of the group. They even interviewed some fans.

Team Airport rocks!

Along with @JackRyan4DA, @Nareejo, @Ferjiperj, @Carlacharisse, @NetteKulet_AP and Arlene (AP’s VIP pass winner), we went inside the VIP lounge to get ready to document David’s arrival. There we met Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Eula Caballero, David’s co-starts in the TV5 mini-series.

With Jasmine and Eula

By 5:30 AM, we got to our designated positions inside the airport. My assignment, to do the livestream. Watch recorded video here  – Airport Arrival livestream

We immediately saw David when he came down the stairs. The mood at the airport suddenly changed. Even people who didn’t know who David was took pictures of him. I talked a bit with David as we walk out of the main building. I told him the fans were waiting outside to welcome him. He was surprised at the number of people there to see him at 6:00 in the morning.

As David stepped out of the building, you could hear the fans chanting “DAVID! DAVID!”. It was so awesome! Then he was met by Jasmine and Eula who both gave him orchid garlands. Then the group went to the VIP lounge. David saw @Nareejo as soon as he entered the VIP lounge. He gave her a sweet hug :) A mini presscon ensued where David candidly answered some questions. Eula and Jasmine also joined him for a few questions and for pictures.

Nice pic from TV5/
Naree, is this is yours?
David with Eula and Jasmine
So gwapo cr. Naree

After the media was done with the interviews, the fans took over and had pictures with David.

Me with David. Thanks Naree!

Pocket Press Con

After David left the airport, Carla and I went to Makati – I to take calls for my meetings and Carla to get some work done while she’s deciding whether she goes home or go to Edsa Shangri-la Hotel where some went.

At around 9:30 AM, I received a call from TV5 asking me to go to Edsa Shangri-la Hotel for the pocket presscon and special meet and greet with David. What?! I couldn’t believe what I heard. Without hesitation, I gathered my stuff and took off for the hotel. Carla tagged along even if we were not sure if she could get in.

At around 1:00 PM, we got our cue to go upstairs for the presscon. @Nareejo, @Jackryan4DA, @ascphil, @Carlacharisse and @KarissaCortez joined me. Other fans from Pinoy Archies were also invited.

I did a livestream of the presscon (recorded here  Pocket Presscon) David and Perci answered a lot of great questions – how the project came about, why David took it, what it will be about  including what deets about David’s mission. We got to hear a bit of Nandito Ako from David – it sounded soooooo good.

My favorite part of the day (and probably of his entire stay) is the special meet and greet:

  • He sat beside me
  • He looked directly at me with his beautiful hazel eyes when we were introduced; he shook my hand
  • He looked at me the entire time I was asking my question
  • He giggled about the fact that we were wearing almost similar shirts
  • Towards the end, he asked me if I wanted a picture with him (*DIES*)
David’s round-table interview with fans
Thanks @xter1018
“Do you plan to get in touch with your fans while you’re on the mission?”
ME and DAVID .. Thanks Naree!


I can’t wait for everything that will happen in the next 3 weeks. Bring it on!