A few weeks ago, I made a promise to a few friends, especially to Ariel, that I will meet with them in Baguio for dinner and drinks on May 5 to compensate for missing out on Ariel and Allen’s special day last February 4 (It was all because of this).

After a night at the movies with my archu-friends, I went directly to the bus station to get a ride to Baguio. Got on the 3:00 AM trip and arrived in Baguio at 10:30 AM. Ariel and Odo picked me up at the terminal and took me to Hale ‘Opua Bed and Breakfast where we spent the night (more on this later).


 I didn’t know a lot of good restaurants in Baguio. So, I turned to Foursquare to get an idea of popular restaurants around the area. As soon as I spotted Forest House in the list, I knew it was a place I wanted to visit. None of my friends have been there but I heard it was a must-try place. I went ahead and placed a reservation with them.

What a quaint place Forest House was! We were welcomed by this impressive fireplace.


We were led to a corner table with a window. Nice!

That’s our table by the window

And look at what was on the table. Yes, this is definitely our table.

Thank you for getting my name right!

While waiting for my friends to arrive, I couldn’t help but walk around the picturesque place and take pictures!

Going to the deck

From the deck, I saw a yard below which got me curious. Apparently, below the restaurant was bed and breakfast.

Entrance to Bed and Breakfast


By the time I got back to the restaurant, the place was already filled with diners. Dan, Ariel and Allen arrived as well. Immediately, we ordered food!

Inihaw feast!

While eating, we were treated to some wonderful music by this trio.

The band playing very good music for the diners

And, of course, here is the group

Dan, Ariel, Allen and I (Odo was behind the camera)

More information about the Forest House Bed and Breakfast, visit www.foresthousebedandbreakfast.com.

Part 2 on Hale ‘Opua Bed and Breakfast to follow 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Weekend in Baguio (May 5-6, 2012)

  1. hi, do you have your review of Hale ‘Opua ready already? 🙂 I’m thinking of staying there, but I haven’t found any review had on it and was hoping you had yours ready already 🙂


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