I was originally planning to stay in one of the cheaper hotels in Baguio for a one-night stay with friends when Dan Estioko, one of my friends suggested Hale ‘Opua Bed and Breakfast. He told me to check it out on Facebook. I was doubtful at first. I thought it would be one of those ordinary, tight-spaced transient places. I was quite impressed when I saw their pictures of the place on Facebook.

Hale ‘Opua Bed and Breakfast FB Page

Here are my own take of the pictures during my stay:


The place seemed modest on the outside with the usual facade of houses in Baguio.

Front of the House

This one of the things I liked about it: the veranda overlooking Baguio. My friends and I spent the night here, grilling some liempo, sharing stories over drinks.

Veranda at the back


The bedroom was nice, spacious and well-lighted. The room that I got had a view. There were cabinets to hang clothes if needed.

Bathroom – Shower

Of course, there was hot water 🙂

The bedroom below was located at the lower floor. Apparently, Polo Ravales and his family stayed in this very room.

Masters Bedroom
Masters Bedroom – couches
Kids Room

Common Area

The common area on the ground floor had couches and access to collection of books by the owners.

Reception Area
Ground floor Common Area
Free to watch TV or DVD

There was a common area at the lower floor, too.

Common area at the lower floor

Breakfast Area

The breakfast area was located on the lower floor. There were several tables for multiple groups staying in the area.

Quaint setting
Our Breakfast

Contact Information / Reservation

Apart from the contact number posted on Facebook, Hale ‘Opua can also be contacted via Ate Belinda at (0920) 485 3958. It is P550 per pax with breakfast included.

Just added: They now have a website, too! http://haleopua.com/


1) Ate Belinda can cook for those staying at the place (other than breakfast). Either give her the money to buy the ingredients for the food you want her to cook or buy the ingredients and give it to her to prepare at your convenience.

2) Tell them what time the group prefers to eat breakfast so they can prepare it just when everyone is ready.

3) I think there’s free wifi, too.

Overall, I had a great time and would stay at this place again when I’m in Baguio.

4 thoughts on “Hale ‘Opua Bed and Breakfast – What a Find in Baguio

  1. Ms. Balangue:
    I am very pleased that you enjoyed your stay at Hale “opua and that you would stay with us again next time you are in Baguio. We will certainly welcome you (and your friends or family) back. It seems that you are a very well travelled person. My husband and I are also well travelled, probably more overseas than here in the Philippines. It is from our traveling and staying at different accommodations (from budget-places to upscale hotels) where we got our idea that a place doesn’t have to be expensive in order to make a guest comfortable and get quality service.
    Regards and hope to have you again at Hale ‘Opua.
    Dr. and Mrs. Griffin (proprietors)

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    1. Thank you for visiting my site! I will not only come back and bring family and friends. I will also recommend your place to other folks. In fact, I just had a blog visitor ask for my review of Hale ‘Opua which triggered the above entry 🙂


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