There were so many good places to eat in Sapporo. Here are a few; we had to return to some of them because they were worth the second round.

Ichikura is one of several small ramen places in the Ramen Yokocho lane, a small alley in Susukino (red light district in Sapporo). Each ramen place can only sit an average of 10 people. Ichikura is the only one with Michelin rating.

Kitano Gurume. Less than 20 minutes from Odori Station is the Seafood market at Nijuyonken via Tozai subway line. The restaurant is at the second floor of one of the biggest seafood stores in the area. They had the yummiest grilled king crab. And their sashimis are the best. The restaurant is open from 7am to 3pm, while the market is open from 6am until 5pm.



Fukuyoshi. We were lucky to find this yakitori place by chance while walking at Susukino. Of the different restaurants we ate at, I must say they have the best chicken skin, chicken tail, and chicken wings.







Kushiage and Kushikatsu

This became a default hangout at night for us. It was right by the shopping street a few meters from our hotel.

Yakiniku Tokuju

Gab wanted some good steak for dinner and we were not disappointed when we tried this steak restaurant along Tanukikoji shopping street. We were lucky to get seats even if we did not have prior reservation. 

Happy 35th month, babe!