The Script : #3 Concert in Manila (March 31, 2013)

These Irish boys are so talented and wonderful. Did I ever mention I like Irish guys? Lol

It was an awesome concert. Danny loved the crowd! He literally jumped to the crowd on the second song. There were bunnies and boxing and beer on stage… and a call to someone’s ex-boyfriend. And double encore, baby! Confetti to end the show.

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Sold out crowd
Sold out crowd

Here are some of the videos I took from my nosebleed seat

Jasmine Curtis-Smith was there, too, and posted this nice shot. I wish I was that close!


Vertical Horizon and Live’s Ed Kowalczyk in Manila

Was surprised to hear these rock alternative artists were headed to Manila for a concert. I was kinda worried, though, since I don’t they are that popular now compared to the ’90s.


I knew I wanted to watch the concert, but I wasn’t sure if I could get my sister to watch it with me. (If my old friend Raymond Rueda was here, it would have been a no-brainer decision and we might have gotten Lower Box tickets and watched together LOL). Anyway, at the last minute, the morning before the concert, I got us General Admission tickets. My sister is only familiar with Vertical Horizon from their album that I usually play in the car.  And I only have 1 album of each.

Vertical Horizon’s Everything You Want
Li've's Throwing Copper

Since we only had Gen Admission tickets, we lined up early so we could choose a better location in the middle. At around 8:00 PM, there were still a lot of empty seats in all sections. Only, the Gen Ad sections seemed to be filling up quickly.

The concert started at 8:30 PM with Vertical Horizon in the first set.

(I think I saw Steve Fekete in the poster, but I did not see him on stage. Yeah, I know him because he played for David Archuleta for David’s AOL Sessions and Jingle Ball appearances in 2008). I really enjoyed Vertical Horizon’s set. They sang a lot of familiar music from Everything You Want – You’re A God, Everything You Want, Best I Ever Had, Send It Up, Miracle. They also introduced some new songs from their new record (I forgot the title). He also sang a song called The Lucky One, but there was no mention if it was at all related to the movie of the same title (which I did not watch, and have no plans of watching). The lead singer, Matt Scannell, said that he hated himself for writing that song because its not his usual type of music and theme LOL. Matt charmed the crowd with some of the Tagalog words he learned (‘Magandang gabi po!’ ‘Maraming salamat po!’ ‘Gusto niyo ba kaming bumalik?’) and some Filipino food they’ve tried (pork and chicken adobe…which he later corrected to adobo). The crowd sang along to many of the songs. I almost lost my voice towards the end of their set for so much singing and screaming. I didn’t plan on taking videos so I did not bring a camera. In the end, I decided to record portions of 2 songs:

Live’s Ed Kowalczyk played on the second set. They opened their set with a rockin’ version of All Over You. The crowd came alive, many stood up dancing and singing to the song. He sang a lot of new songs from his solo album which were not familiar to me.  But I am glad that Ed still sang a few songs from Live such as Selling the Drama, White Discussion, I Alone and Shit Towne. When Ed came out for the Encore, it is a given that he will sing Lightning Crashes. It was already the third song for the encore but still no Lightning Crashes. I started to feel some disappointment. I was surprised to hear a fourth song and, yes, it was Lightning Crashes. The bad part was, my iphone ran out of battery. I used my blackberry to record it, but it also ran out after the first chorus. It was okay, though, since I was able to concentrate on enjoying the song. It was awesome!

I feel bad that not a lot of people came out to watch them. There was a lot of open spaces, especially in the lower sections. I hope Ovation Productions made a call to get the people to move to the lower sections so the artists as well as the crowd could enjoy. I felt bad for the artists seeing so many open spaces in the arena. Maybe, next time, for artists not as well known as the contemporary artists, they’ll use smaller venues such as Ultra. There was probably only 5,000 – 6,000 in the audience last night.


I didn’t have time to write a recap of my Jason Mraz concert experience last Oct 30 so I am posting here the recap from

Jason Mraz Concert

Smart Araneta Coliseum was packed again last October 30 for a soulful and acoustic music on a Sunday night. The popular US singer-songwriter and Grammy winner Jason Mraz performed for almost 2 hours of pure talent together with his long-time friend and percussionist Toca Rivera. We never thought that the acoustic set-up of this concert would be possible enough to fill the coliseum but once again Dayly Entertainment brought up a huge success and organized this event that drew more than 12,000 attendees singing, dancing and stealing their own ways into Jason’s music.

Jason Mraz Jason Mraz

The coliseum was full of excitement, a lot of fans brought signs/posterboards like “Love the Jesus look Jason” , “Jason thank you for being my birthday gift” , “Jason, you changed our lives. Let’s hang out!” The evening opened with a song called “She’s The Bomb” , Jason Mraz was casual, wearing a yellow bandana and a T-shirt with a word PEACE and he wanted the crowd to feel as comfortable as he was onstage. The acoustic evening was truly made for the fans, he’s such an amazing crowd pleaser and makes you feel as if you were at the small venue. Mraz kept strumming along through tunes such as the “The Dynamo of Volition” and “Live High”. Unexpectedly he performed one of the Beatles’ classics “Across The Universe” and a cover Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon”. In between songs, Mraz engaged the crowd, leading call and response chants and making jokes. The performance of “Lucky” was one crowd-pleasing throwback and the fans screamed again on the top of their lungs and performed together with Mr A-Z with 2 of his biggest hits “You And I Both” and “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)”. He left the stage after his performance of “Details In The Fabric” and “Life Is Wonderful” making the audience chanting his name and “We want more, more, more”.

Jason Mraz Concert 2011 Jason Mraz Concert 2011

As the night drew to a close and it was time for an encore, Jason and Toca came back with songs called “Rescue”, “Butterfly”, “The Freedom Song” and finished what appeared to be his final song called “I’m Yours” which brought down the house as he played with his guitar, making it a pure presentation of a musical genius.

The set-up was perfect for an acoustic concert, it was not too flashy with 2 large screens. The sound was superb, the live singing voice was crystal clear. The energy of the crowd was unbelievable from start-finish, the ease and smooth sailing of the entire acoustic concert was amazing and everyone felt like part of the show.

Jason Mraz

Here’s the complete set list
She’s The Bomb
The Dynamo of Volition
Live High
If It Kills Me
Across The Universe (Beatles cover)
Fly Me to the Moon (Sinatra cover)
The World As I See It
The Woman I Love
A Beautiful Mess
Please Don’t Tell Her
I Won’t Give Up
93 Million Miles
You and I Both
The Remedy / Wonderwall (Oasis interlude)
Details in the Fabric
Life is Wonderful

The Freedom Song
I’m Yours

Special Acoustic Evening with Jason Mraz with Toca Rivera was brought to you by Dayly Entertainment. More pictures at the Philippine Concerts Gallery

Here are some videos.  First up from iamthepurplewalrus: